Winterhome is filled with whiners

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Does anyone else get irrationally angry at all the whiners in Winterhome? We're in the frozen north. We are attempting to rebuild a destroyed city. As proctor, I step up, remove ruins by the truckload, order the construction of automatons to take the load off the people, reduce discontent to zero, return hope to peoples' hearts and provide a surplus of all resources. On top of all this, I never once ask for a 24-hour shift, even though it's well within my power to do so.

Then the generator breaks down. Fine, we kind of knew it was going to at some point. Instead of actually helping, I have Mouthbreather McGee pounding at my door with a fu*king torch like I'm Frankenstein's monster, screaming about how we need to fix the generator and how we'd be better off trekking across the frozen fu*king wasteland in -78C weather. Fine, d*ckhead, take the provisions and GTFO, no one wants your negative attitude poisoning the well around here.


But just so you know, fu*kface, we'd get the generator fixed quicker if you'd shut your suckhole and help us out instead of taking a group of much needed engineers on a futile journey across the ice. Oh, you also want a gaggle of children to just pack up and leave with someone who doesn't have the balls to stick it out for another 6 fu*king hours until the genny is fixed? Go right ahead, Einstein. Don't come crawling back to me when they inevitably end up missing or torn to shreds by polar bears.

No wonder Winterhome fell. With such a worthless population full of whiny bi*ches, it's probably a good thing it's gone. .

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