*WINTERHOME SPOILERS* After 1st successful attempt at Fall of Winterhome…

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I've been thinking about sharing my experience and it was similar to /u/thombsaway

I tried 10+ times but could never get discontent low and hope high enough at the same time. Was so close many times. Finally fulfilled a late day promise and completed all the requirements! But the generator was not turning on… I had 100% Houses, booming economy, 4 infirmaries, but the generator would not start. I did not know you could switch it on in the beginning.



The last captain neglected the generator and a malfunction started a fire in the city (generator down and needs repair). You are tasked with the immediate recovery of Winterhome. The biggest Arctic city you've ever seen was sustained by 2 advanced coal mines, several thumpers and a steady stream of coal coming from an outpost, all gone except the outpost. The outpost team arrives at the city with a large delivery but there is no need anymore. The outpost relocates ASAP to raw food procurement.


I thought Fall of Winterhome's "thing" was how to survive with no central heating and tons of sick people. Strategic clearing before the first temp down followed by 100% of clearing in Gathering Posts. Sustain life because prosthetics are not coming soon. Plenty of care houses until maxing infirmaries with available steam cores. Demo infirmary when steam cores are needed. Max Heaters and house heat. I saved ~410 people in the end first time not knowing what was required. Granted I did a horrible job managing discontent and hope. Super fun mission.

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