Worker laws get you really carried away with the whole dictator thing

frostpunk 4 - Worker laws get you really carried away with the whole dictator thing

It's funny how it starts reasonable then just gradually goes full blown Animal Farm (I find Engineer path is a bit more abrupt)

"Oy, Captain there was a fireball the size of a dirigible in the generator shaft! We want to organize a union to make sure our interests are cared for." "Sure that sounds reasonable."

"Hey I was thinking we should do all this project" democratic like, and have elections and mutual cooperation with all the workers. ' " Splendid! Should help unite us to a common cause with this project. " " OH but you don't want Billiam to get elected. Total imbecile. And some of the other lads don't have your kind of vision. So you know, maybe, uh, just appomt me God Emperor for life for the union. We don't need any layabouts mucking things up." " Uh, this sounds kind of iffy"

"This Apple Charlotte for your birthday business needs to stop. Too many stupid ideas are slowing everything down, the council is always getting deadlocked. I petition we only allow productive ideas and people with dumb ideas get slapped with paddles and chased out of the building " " All right but I have a bad feeling this"

"Gotta do something about those lazy ass engineers! We're never gonna have enough workers to get this project done on time. Put their asses to work! " "fine" "… In the whorehouse!" "now let's not get too carried away here…"

"We don't know who we can trust anymore. Me and my boys caught an engineer committing espionage. Also an engineer said Hello in a tone that clearly suggested he thought he was better than me. Let's put together a posse." "Better safe than sorry. Hope they stay on our side through all this."


"Uppity engineers and their test tubes and spinny gears keep walking around freely without permission! You gotta show em whose boss! Otherwise the workers might think you are losing your edge and turn against you. It's the only way!" "Okay but you gotta promise to keep the beatings and wedgies to a minimum here. We need to inspire everybody, not terrorize them!"

"That's it, if you don't pass it we'll riot anyway. For the last time, PLEASE let us have a purge night to take care of the problem of engineers continuing to exist. Look we're not unreasonable, we're only gonna bayonet them a little" "George, friend, you're going to need to meet me in the middle on this one. How about you can only kill, ohhhh, one engineer a day, but I'll let you boil him to death from generator steam." *One week and seven executions later *

"Billiam? Where's George?" "Oh, Captain, you missed it? George got executed for sleeping on the job. Too much time to dream of treachery when you're sleeping, you know. Anyway, TOTAL COINCEDENCE here but George, see his signature here? Yeah? George totally changed the union bylaws to appoint me his successor. But don't you worry, Captain I am gonna have us in ship shape when the Icebreaker comes! "

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