Working on a “near”-perfect Hard Mode Layout.

1680 1024x576 - Working on a "near"-perfect Hard Mode Layout.

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Since I've come to realize how crappy Generator Range is compared to Steam Hubs, I've been working on designing the "near"-perfect layout. One that can accommodate every building on the Order path. I call it the 2/3/4/5/6 Hex Grid.

Every sector expands out to the Crater Wall (resource depots are all on the outer-most layers beyond where my sketch shows).

Red Dot = Steam Hub,

Orange Dot = Steam hub Range 1 Coverage,

Yellow Dot = Steam hub Range 2 Coverage,

Light Gray = 23 "before Winterhome" tents. (requiring only 2 sectors)

Dark Gray = 40 "before Refugees" tents. (requiring only 4 sectors)

Green = 70 "final" tents. (requires all 6 sectors)

Pink = Medical Tents

Dark Blue = Guard Stations (and watchtowers, until I replace the towers with stations) (100% tent coverage)

Light Blue = Fighting Arenas (100% tent coverage)

Dark Red = Coal Mines & Gathering Posts for Thumpers

Beige = Coal Thumpers

Yellow/W = Workshop Sized Areas

Hunt/H/C/B/PH = Hunter Hut (Medium) sized Areas

Outer Gray = Steelworks

Pink = Wall Drills

Purple = Outpost Depots


5/0, 3/3, 1/6 = Either 5 Medium, 3 Medium + 3 Workshop Sized, or 1 Medium + 6 Workshop Sized.

6/0, 4/3, 2/6, 0/9 = Same deal. 6 Medium, 4 Medium + 3 Elongated, 2 Medium + 6 Elongated, or 9 Elongated. These sections allow choice based on needs. (2 Squished Mediums on these Rings are the exact size needed for 3 Elongated Types). So I can chose, based on my current requirements.

Green Dots = 1 Road Tile Segment.

It's working out pretty well so far. It does require a tiny bit of extra wood to prep the roads in advance, but ticking half tiles instead of full road segments allows me to build beyond a Ring Layer without actually placing the buildings, and also allows me to halfstep any buildings I haven't allocated on the inner rings too. So it's a tiny bit expensive, but it's working out pretty well so far. Minimal Steam hubs, Maximum Coverage, dynamic space allocation, and maximum benefits.

I'll definitely try this layout for the Faith Route, but it shouldn't be too hard.

What'dy'all think?

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