You wanted a perfect layout?

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The videos Crystal Dazz made about building shrinking (check out his 50 tips too) inspired me to look into the mechanics of building sizes a little more. I have experimentally determined how many buildings Frostpunk will place inside a full, a half, a quarter and a sixth of a circle. This was repeated for rings 2 to 11 (12 for houses).

Using the collected data, it is possible to create a perfect Steam Hub layout:

Six equidistant Steam Hubs on ring 6

Apart from perfectly placing buildings that have a coverage area, you can also use the sectioning to squeeze more buildings in than you normally would. Crystal Dazz shows one technique to achieve this and while it has it's uses, I have found it to be hard to remember all of the configurations, a lot of work to place just 1 or 2 buildings and inconsistent at times.

Here are the values for House sized buildings (3×2):

Houses (colors are explained in the spreadsheet).


Lets say you are building houses on ring 6. If you build them in a full circle you will be able to place 29 houses. If you split the circle exactly in half, you will be able to place 30 houses. Four quarter sections will only allow you to place 28 houses however!

I think Crystal Dazz mentions in his videos that the building sizes are affected roughly 70 deg away from where you're building. I do not think this is true however because that would mean you would see (slightly) different building sizes for the last few buildings when filling a full circle. The building size is affected by all of the available remaining space.

Here is the spreadsheet. It also concludes the calculations for fuel efficiency (generator range vs more steam hubs) and some analysis on tile side arc length and building sizes.

Hope it is interesting to you and useful if you want to create that perfect base and/or squeeze in as many buildings as will fit!

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