#131 Legend with 1120 Dust – Legend-capable budget decks for late Rise of Shadows meta

hearthstone 8 - #131 Legend with 1120 Dust - Legend-capable budget decks for late Rise of Shadows meta

Hello everyone, it's Old Guardian here!

I build Hearthstone budget decks with a bit of a different approach to the genre: the goal of each of my budget decks is to be able to reach Legend rank. In May, I did my entire Legend climb with budget decks – decks without a single Epic or Legendary card.

In June and July, I have went for a little more variety, but I have kept building competitive budget decks all along. This season, for example, I climbed from rank 2 to rank 1 with Silence Priest and then from rank 1 to Legend and ultimately all the way to #131 Legend with Budget Midrange Hunter.

I currently estimate that there are at least six budget deck archetypes that are capable of reaching Legend. Roughly from weakest to strongest, they are:

6: Mech Zoo (1420 dust + SN1P-SN4P):

5: Mech Token Druid (1300 dust + SN1P-SN4P):

4: Bomb Hunter (1760 dust + SN1P-SN4P):

3: Tempo Rogue (1440 dust):

  • Deck code: AAECAaIHAA+0Ac0DmwXUBfUFiAfdCO/xAsf4AtaCA4+XA5CXA6iYA/uaA/6aAwA=

  • Guide: https://youtu.be/9AWy-ujn7a4

  • Hearthpwn:

  • Hearthstone Top Decks:
    old guardians post buffs budget tempo rogue - #131 Legend with 1120 Dust - Legend-capable budget decks for late Rise of Shadows metahttps://www.hearthstonetopdecks.com/decks/old-guardians-post-buffs-budget-tempo-rogue/

2: Silence Priest (1240 dust):

1: Midrange Hunter (1120 dust):

It is unfortunate that the SN1P-SN4P promotion ended. Mechs are great budget cards, and SN1P-SN4P is awesome in a pure Mech deck. I have opted to use it when it is good, because I assume most players right now managed to get it. Nonetheless, I have also included replacement suggestions for it, and the decks should still work without it, too – and half of them do not use it, anyway.

There are four classes that I have not included here:

Paladin has a semi-viable budget deck in Mech Paladin. Mechanical Whelp version of Budget Mech Paladin is actually pretty good against Warrior, and can be useful in a heavy Warrior meta: budget decks in general do poorly against Warrior. However, the deck is awful against most of the field. A faster Mech Paladin variant is a little better against the rest of the field, but loses the Warrior matchup while still not impressing elsewhere. I estimate that a late-season Legend is possible with Paladin, but early-season Legend is hard with it.

Shaman has a somewhat viable budget deck in Murloc Shaman. However, it is unimpressive compared to how much better the deck becomes simply by adding Murloc Warleader, or going for a more aggro build with Thunderhead and Doomhammer. A real, competitive Shaman deck is just a couple of Epic cards away, and the budget version has no edge over it.

Warrior and Mage suck on a budget. I can appreciate the irony, because they are the best classes with full-cost decks.

Success in Hearthstone can be achieved even with little dust, and I hope these decks help you on your climb.

If you want to keep up with all of my decks, I post regularly on Youtube at

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