1st Azerbaijan Hearthstone League has come to an end

hearthstone 3 - 1st Azerbaijan Hearthstone League has come to an end

Hi Reddit. I am Rasad, an E-Sports Activist in Azerbaijan. Me and my team have started doing more serious events regarding E-Sports in our country from the start of this year. We initiated these events with Hearthstone and had 1st ever League in our capital city, Baku. Yesterday,10th of March, there was the final play-off game between LuniArt and Wednesday and the former player-LuniArt won the first ever Hearthstone League in Azerbaijan.

After long journey that we had together with Hearthstone players in Azerbaijan, I want to share our experience at the end of the league. Before doing that I want to share some important information like standings, various photos and survey that we had.

https://imgur.com/gallery/SOj4cic – pictures taken from internet café LAN games



https://imgur.com/gallery/ymI5gIw -Standings

https://smaug885378.typeform.com/to/nX4bYU – Survey link



How this started? With a group of people who plays Hearthstone we decided to have a League. We prepared rules in Azerbaijani language in compliance with international rules, made an event on FB and posters. In the end 14 people joined us. Each week we asked from the participants to send their deck lists and we were watching games online and some people came together to play in internet Café. After 13 games 3 people had equal points. Therefore, we had to do play-offs with 8 people. In the end, the winner of the 1st Azerbaijan League became LuniArt.

What this league gave to us? After more than 2 months, our Hearthstone Community saw that there are people who play Hearthstone in high level, new and casual players got to know those people who hit Legend rank each season. Our Community got bigger and players got their first time League experience. People who played play-offs increased their LAN game experiences, that they had little. At the end of the league, we decided to do more tournaments with new format that Blizzard had announced and maybe we will see Azerbaijani players attending Hearthstone Tournaments too. But for now, we are happy to be able to successfully finish our league, the experience that players had and the demand of the Community for more of this. Hopefully these events will give boost to our E-Sports Community to improve and attend international tournaments in near future.

Thanks to all of you for supporting us.

TL; DR: We had our 1st Hearthstone League in Azerbaijan and it was successful. The winner of the league became Luniart.

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