$300K Battlegrounds Brawl – Hero & Player Data (spoilers)

hearthstone 6 - $300K Battlegrounds Brawl - Hero & Player Data (spoilers)

$300K Battlegrounds Brawl – Hero & Player Data (spoilers)

  • Not a large or perfect data set, but interesting because it's many high-level players with a strong incentive to perform at their peak.
  • Thoughts and comments are my own, except where I reference Firestone's Post-Patch Hero Stats
    • 1FehDYBTi5PB2SdS5xtdXT6lCgv9F1wt gm0fjYi4660 - $300K Battlegrounds Brawl - Hero & Player Data (spoilers)Here's the data set for you to use/augment/refute at your leisure

Hero Performance

Hero Total Points Average Place # of Games Avg. Points Per Game
Nefarian 21 2.86 7 3
Patchwerk 22 3.36 11 2
Yogg 18 3.5 10 1.8
AFKay 24 3.83 12 2
Brann 22 4.25 12 1.83
George 14 4.29 7 2
Sindragosa 3 4.33 3 1
Lich King 8 4.75 4 2
Deryl 15 4.91 11 1.36
Rat King 6 5.55 11 0.55
Curator 6 5.75 8 0.75
Akazamzarak 1 6 3 0.33
Elise 6.25 4
Toki 1 6.67 3 0.33
  • The above data is sorted by avg. place, and because some heroes only had one or two games like Firebat with Wagtoggle and Toast with Patches (both surprisingly good games), so those along with the 2 Rag, 1 Bartendotron and 1 Gallywix are filtered out in this view. The heroes never picked were Finley, Jaraxxus, Putricide, Pyramad, and Shudderwock.
  • Deryl and Lich King are examples with heroes with some of the most polarizing games; either they win big or lose hard. A data set of only 14 lobbies is too small for a concrete conclusion, but a preliminary theory for this could be the tactical decision of whether or when or not to lean into a specific hero power strategy (i.e., when or if you dance as Deryl in a certain game? Or do you try to capitalize on the Lich King with a 6-star deathrattle or scale another big minion for that slot?) George could also be another hero with polarized performance, with the key factor being if Nefarion is in the lobby.
  • Rat King had a poor showing especially when looking at points per round and Firestone's placement results (below), potentially due to tournament having less aggressive meta?
  • Nefarian performed really well; this lines up with my personal and the prevailing theory that Nef at high level play has one of the strongest endgames, along with hard countering George (George only got a higher rank than Nef in Game 5B, and both first place George's had lobbies without Nef); Nefarian doesn't appear on Firestone's rank likely due to their data being over a wider MMR range, it mostly has heroes with strong early game performing well.
Firestone's Post-Patch Hero Stats Global Avg. Place 300K Avg. Place
Patchwerk 3.8 3.36
Rat King 3.94 5.55
Yogg 3.96 3.5
AFKay 4.08 3.83
Brann 4.09 4.25

Player Performance

Player Team Total Points Average Place
Solary Rabid Rangers 19 3.14
Dog Mega Fins 19 3
Kolento Rust Buckets 16 3.43
Surrender Doom Bringers 16 3.29
Amaz Rust Buckets 13 4.71
Firebat Doom Bringers 13 4.14
Kibler Rust Buckets 12 3.43
Hafu Mega Fins 12 4.71
RDU Mega Fins 11 4.43
Thijs Rust Buckets 10 4.14
RegisKillbin Rabid Rangers 7 5.57
Toast Rabid Rangers 6 5.29
Asmodai Doom Bringers 5 5.86
Zalae Doom Bringers 5 5.29
xChocoBars Rabid Rangers 2 5.57
Trump Mega Fins 2 6
Total 168 4.5
  • Dog and Solary/Vince had the same point total, but Dog had a slightly better showing placement-wise.
  • Some players have polarizing game placements, which potentially indicates all or nothing style strategy (Amaz and Surrender are decent examples); very memeable for streaming and semi-useful for format like this. There are much better ways to find this empirically, this is primarily a casual observation.
  • Despite tying for the 7th highest point slot, Kibler tied for 4th (with Kolento) on average placing. Going off this small data set, Kibler would have very likely been a much high earner if the rounds continued and his performance was similar. (Also note, both Rust Buckets.)
  • Furthermore, all the Rust Buckets are in the top 10 points earners and average placement. They are the only team to do so. This was the first bit of evidence showing that their team strategy was effective.
Team Total Points Average Place Place Gap
Rust Buckets 51 3.93
Mega Fins 44 4.54 -0.61
Doom Bringers 39 4.64 -0.11
Rabid Rangers 34 4.89 -0.25
Total 168 4.5 -0.96
  • The Rust Buckets obviously won by 7 points, with a 5 and 5 point spread behind them.
  • While close in points, a big difference in average placing, with the RBs placing over half an average rank higher than the Mega Fins (RBs 3.93, Mega Fins 4.54).
  • The biggest success of RB's team strategy is shown by the points earned by rank. RB only had 10 points or 2 first place wins, which was the least of all the teams, but far outpaced the other teams in 2nd and 3rd placings. Nearly half of RB's total score was from 2nd place wins.
Player Place Total Points % of Score
Rust Buckets 1 10 19.61%
2 24 47.06%
3 14 27.45%
4 3 5.88%
Rust Buckets Total 51
Mega Fins 1 30 68.18%
2 8 18.18%
3 4 9.09%
4 2 4.55%
Mega Fins Total 44
Doom Bringers 1 15 38.46%
2 16 41.03%
3 4 10.26%
4 4 10.26%
Doom Bringers Total 39
Rabid Rangers 1 15 44.12%
2 8 23.53%
3 6 17.65%
4 5 14.71%
Rabid Rangers Total 34
  • While Team Battlegrounds isn't a real competitive format (yet), the RB strategy to strategize/tavern/weaken during their civil battle phases yielded high results and would yield even better results in a point structure with a higher 3rd place point prize and likely be weaker with a more heavily valued 1st place.


  • Theoretically, you could look at each player's three hero options for each round to see who had the highest win potential based options given
  • Standard deviation as far as hero placings would be useful and a lot more reliable with a larger data set.
  • Match-up comparison is would be the biggest data insight you could get with the data (if you had a larger baseline data set to compare it to). This would give consideration when choosing your heroes at the mulligan; in other words, based on which two heroes you know won't be in your lobby, what is the best hero choice? Like if you ever have George and Nef in your selection, you know George’s hero power will be uncontested at the endgame.
  • For team strategy, looking at how the Rust Buckets affected each other (like how much health or how throwing slowed down overall performance) game by game would be most useful for team strategy. Initial review shows most of the RB's game have them within three or so places of each other.
  • Player MMR vs. tournament would be interesting, but between different accounts players have and three regions with different scales as far as meta and skill goes, it'd would just amount to an interesting supplement.
  • The portion of MMR I was able to find showed that the MMR rings somewhat true for the teams, though the top player being Dog had much lower MMR than the next two highest by placement, Kolento and Surrender.
  • Blizzard Page for the event
  • Firestone's Post-Patch Hero Stats Post

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