38 theorycrafted decks for Rise of Shadows!

hearthstone 8 - 38 theorycrafted decks for Rise of Shadows!

Over the past week, I have went through every class in detail, and now here are all of my 38 theorycrafted decks for Rise of Shadows! I know there are a few more archetypes that can be built, but there are just so many potential decks that I could not build them all in time for release.


New Druid cards mainly support Heal and Token synergies. However, Malygos Druid is also still possible. I have also seen people theorycraft Mecha'thun Druid without Naturalize (Dreampetal Florist + Mecha'thun + Voodoo Doll + Moonfire), although I'm not a huge believer in that one.


New Hunter cards support Mech Hunter and some form of Spell Hunter. Midrange Hunter is also far from dead. I've even seen Malygos Hunter being theorycrafted, although that one I do not see becoming a thing.


New Mage cards support small-spell Tempo Mage and some kind of value minion-summoning Mage.


New Paladin cards support Dragon Paladin, Immortal Prelate Paladin, Healadin, and Secret Paladin. Holy Wrath OTK Paladin and Hakkar Paladin should also still be possible.


New Priest cards support Silence Priest, Resurrect Priest, Deathrattle Priest, and in minor ways Midrange Priest.


New Rogue cards support Thief Rogue, Togwaggle Rogue (can also be a package within another deck), and Pogo-Hopper Rogue.


New Shaman cards provide support for Control Shaman, some form of combo Shaman with Muckmorpher, and Murloc/Token Shaman.


New Warlock cards support Demon Zoo and various Plot Twist shuffle archetypes from midrange to fatigue. I've also seen people theorycraft new variants of Handlock and Mecha'thun Warlock, even though I built none of those myself.


New Warrior cards support Bomb Warrior, Rush Warrior, and Big Warrior – but based on the pre-release Brawl, I have very little faith in Big Warrior.

Tomorrow, we will get to play with the new cards, and there are lots of decks to build and test. I hope these ideas help you come up with many more!

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