7 ”New” Decks to Try Out |Rise of the Mechs Patch

hearthstone 7 - 7 ''New'' Decks to Try Out |Rise of the Mechs Patch

Firstly, i want to introduce myself! So who am I?

I am Pain, a guy that started playing Hearthstone for fun and memes, but eventually got better and started competing at a very decent level (many top finishes, participated in some HCT events etc). This year i am representing Team Phantasma in the following Hearthstone Masters Tour Circuit, with Masters Tour Las Vegas as the first destination in the upcoming weekend.

Supposedly you have to practice for these events, but when the patch came out i couldn't bring myself not to meme on ladder and play serious decks. So here am i presenting you some of the decks i tried, that you should try too.

  1. Pogo-hopper Rogue


sr9l0hpswr231 - 7 ''New'' Decks to Try Out |Rise of the Mechs Patch


After seeing the buffs i hopped on the Pogo-hopper train as many others did and the result was not disappointing (Pog). Deck feels like something between Quest Rogue and Jade Druid, can have really explosive starts but doesn’t really have damage from hand like Quest Rogue used to.

After playing some games with the deck i felt you need to play for maximum tempo so you can survive until your Pogos are BIG enough to kill your opponent, so i decided to exclude Togwaggle Scheme because its strictly a value card and felt unnecessary in most of my games. Barista and Shark really shine in this deck btw with all these battlecries in the deck and vanish helps in many situations like it used to do in old quest rogue, especially since Pogos are so cheap now.

Possible Techs: Youthful Brewmaster, Sunfury Protector, Earthen Ring Farseer, Togwaggle's Scheme, Tak Nozwhisker, Fan Of Knifes, Shiv.

  1. Mech Hunter

Decklist: AAECAR8E4fUCoIAD8ZYDn7cDDYoG4vUC7/UC8PUCtPYCufgCmPsCqPsC9v0C1/4CzIED8pYDtpwDAA==

5cwba5b1xr231 - 7 ''New'' Decks to Try Out |Rise of the Mechs Patch


After trying Rogue, i tried to experiment with the new card (SN1P-SN4P) so i naturally got into hunter because Mech Hunter was playable even before the buffs. Old version with just SN1P-SN4P as a new addition is still pretty strong but we are not gonna talk about that here cause deck is old and not interesting enough as the buff of Necromechanic which now is a 4mana 3-6. So i went for a full greedy Mech Hunter list to test the card (mostly), but it turned out okay. This particular version is much more stickier than the normal one and can generate much more value (but it’s probably worse and who cares lol). Also Harvest Golem into Necromechanic is sweet.

Possible Techs: Tracking, Bomb Toss, Upgradeable Framebot, Explodinator, Unleash The Hounds, Houndmaster Shaw, Animal Companion

  1. Mech Paladin

Decklist: AAECAZ8FAvH+AqCAAw7PBp/1AqX1Apj7Aqj7Avz8Atb+Atf+Atn+At3+AuH+ApGAA8yBA7SbAwA=

rn8pf1p3xr231 - 7 ''New'' Decks to Try Out |Rise of the Mechs Patch


Now to the other Mech deck, Mech Paladin. This one seems like it has a lot of potential. Τhe buff to Crystology to 1 mana in this deck is huge! Who would have guessed that being able to kinda tutor one of the best cards in your deck and then play it on curve has a significant impact? And that's not the end of it, the other buffed paladin card, Glowstone Technician, fits in the deck nicely too.

Buffing cheap reduced mechs and then magnetizing them usually leads into a win. Skaterbot is the true MVP of the deck cause you need fast tempo swings after buffing your minions and no other card in your deck does this. This deck has many versions though and we still don't know if the deck is better as a more aggressive deck like hunter or like a control deck that stabilizes after playing Glowstone Technician, so here's something in between of those two that still works.

Possible techs: Mecharoo, Leeroy, Blessing of Kings (for aggro)

Lightforged Blessing, Consecration, Mechanical Whelp (for control)

  1. Mech Priest

Decklist: AAECAa0GBLD7AqCAA9aZA5+3Aw34AuUE9gelCdEK0gryDPsMpfUCl/YC5fcCkfsC9v0CAA==

2emsvvs5xr231 - 7 ''New'' Decks to Try Out |Rise of the Mechs Patch



While playing the decks mentioned above, i met an interesting deck in ladder and that was Mech Priest. At first, i was like why is this even working but as it turns out new Extra Arms is good, so i experimented a little with it. Jammed high health mech minions with the cleric draw engine and divine spirit-inner fire, added some meme cards like lady in white and here we are. Not much to say about this deck, just try to stick your mechs on board, buff them with Bronze Gatekeeper and Divine Spirit and kill your opponent (try to play around silence effects if you can afford to, but they are not that common).

Possible techs: Dead Ringer, Hench-Clan Shadequill, Mass Dispel, Coppertail Imposter , Topsy turvy

  1. Tempo Spell Damage Mage

Decklist: AAECAf0EAu0F7vYCDrsCqwS0BOYElgX77AKS7wKj/QKV/wK5/wLvgAPIhwPBmAOumwMA

zlve04c7xr231 - 7 ''New'' Decks to Try Out |Rise of the Mechs Patch


At last, this is where it gets interesting. This was the deck that i enjoyed the most because it felt like something new, but i would say it was slightly inconsistent even though it still wins .

First of all the deck has an “Innervate” in the form of Elemental Evocation and not only that it has a 3 mana 5/6!!! (it doesn't attack every-time, but we don’t care about that). Also new Unexpected Results fills the curve very fittingly for this deck, as it curves out naturally out of a spell damage 2drop or an Evocated Cosmic Anomaly. Don't forget that celestial emissary comes with an elemental tag too so you can: Evocation -> Emissary -> Coin -> Unexpected Results on turn2, when going second (pls don’t do it with that order).

The game plan of this deck is to make some early tempo plays, by playing your strong 3drops -> push face damage (while removing enemy minions if you can) -> finish your opponent with spell damaged boosted burn spells. On a serious note this deck has some really nutty openings, but when it bricks, it bricks hard.

I don’t know what you could run to make it more consistent though.

Possible Techs: (more spells with mana cyclone package), Water Elemental , Azerite Elemental , Kirin Tor Tricaster , Mana Reservoir

There were also some decks that didn’t win that often and i was wondering if i should include them in this post, but i know most of the players love ''concede'' decks so i decided to share them.

  1. Malygos Druid


tdyrwbwaxr231 - 7 ''New'' Decks to Try Out |Rise of the Mechs Patch


Probably still better without Gloop Sprayers but they a provide tons of damage! (So try to queue into warriors). The thing is, that now with the buff Dreampetal Florist reduces Gloop Sprayer's mana to 0 instead of 1 and that means she can’t reduce it again in the next turn or with your next Dreampetal Florist, which makes the deck much more consistent. But slow druids right now hate mechs and giants which are core to the current meta, so it didn’t ended up working that well.

Possible Techs: Earthen Ring Farseer, Sunfury Protector, Hench-Clan Shadequill, Spellbreaker, Siphon Soul

  1. Literally Concede Warlock

Decklist: AAECAf0GCIkGm/ACnPgCzfwCoIAD8IYDm4oDl5cDC4oBkge2B+EHjQjECNjuAsXzAvH3AtiMA9qWAwA=

t9brqrcdxr231 - 7 ''New'' Decks to Try Out |Rise of the Mechs Patch


Warlock didn’t get interesting buffs to be honest, because only zoo was playable before them and Warlock in general was in decline, but Dr. Morrigan buff made her a better Cairne most of the times in a heavy midrange warlock deck. The thing is that slow warlock decks still die very easily, have no real win condition and they are missing good cards to stabilize after falling behind on board (either cheap tempo swing spells like Defile or Voidlord-tier taunts to play on curve).

Possible Techs: Earthen Ring Farseer, Sunfury Protector, Hench-Clan Shadequill, Spellbreaker, Siphon Soul, Voodoo Doll

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