A case for Hall of Faming Mana Wyrm and changing it back to 1 mana

hearthstone 7 - A case for Hall of Faming Mana Wyrm and changing it back to 1 mana

I think the case restoring Mana Wyrm to 1 mana and sending it to Wild is pretty strong.

A: Tunnel Trogg is a 1/3 1 drop in Wild. It is a powerful opener and will win games on its own if not dealt with. And that's fine because the late games in Wild are insane so early games should be also if aggro can have a chance. People were happy about it leaving standard, but it's not like we see "NERF TUNNEL TROGG IN WILD!!!!" threads everywhere. Why is Mana Wyrm so different?

B: We've already seen the precedent with Molten Giant. It was great but a tiny bit OP. It was nerfed and no one used it anymore (except in meme decks). It was restored and Hall of Famed and now it's usable and fun again, but no one complains about it. Seems like the perfect model.


C: Tempo Mage is lame without it. It's hard to out-tempo a lot of decks when there's no good 1 drop. Trying to play ele mage as a tempo deck is weak as hell and the other 1 drops aren't meant for turn 1. Even Kabal Lackey in Wild requires another card to be useful and gets pinged off easily regardless. Wild Tempo Mage is one of the most fun decks and is not overpowered at all in the context of Wild.

D: It's a common so it's not even like there's that much dust on the line. You average person will get what? 80 dust? Hardly a bank breaker or massive windfall or whatever. Seems like a low risk, high reward change.

To conclude, it just seems like there's a gaping hole in mage that is easy to fill without a huge cost. Maybe there's some mage 1 drop in the pipeline that will make all this moot or break the game if this happens or something, but absent that, I don't see a ton of downside in Hall of Faming Mana Wyrm and making it 1 mana again. Thanks for reading.

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