A Letter to Blizzard (Legendary Quests)

hearthstone 7 - A Letter to Blizzard (Legendary Quests)

Dear Blizzard,

I appreciate legendary quests as they offer a greater (typically) benefit than regular quests without too much more effort on the part of the player. I think these quests are great, and an awesome way to help the player base stay engaged in Hearthstone. These are fun additions to the normal flow of the game, and I am glad to see them whenever they present themselves.

However, your handling of these quests has been a bit questionable. Recently, for a brief window, it was possible to have your normal 3 quest slots and an additional legendary quest slot as well. This meant that you as a player were not punished for waiting to complete quests. In general, I think most everyone can agree this is a benefit to the player. I thought it was an excellent QoL adjustment that had been planned. Unfortunately, this was not the case. It was a bug! Soon after its discovery the decision was made to revert the system back to the old way of having a legendary quests override current quest slots. I understand that from a developer point of view, the bug might have caused problems elsewhere and thus warranted temporary removal. As a player though, I do feel a bit slighted, but I can't fault you for ensuring that the game state remain in tact, which is clearly a bigger priority.

So we need to live with Legendary Quest overrides for now. I think this is disappointing, but otherwise OK, because generally an announcement is made regarding Legendary quests, either through set launches, marketing, or 3rd party data mining. If I know ahead of time that these quests are coming, then I as the player can make time management choices regarding the completion of regular quests to ensure that they are not deleted by the Legendary Quests.


Now, to the point. With today's Tavern Brawl a new legendary quest was available. Unfortunately, there was no communication about it (or if there was, I missed it and cannot find it now), and as a result, I lost a regular quest. Now, I spend well over $200 per expansion, and during the first few months of the year I lose quests all the time due to work. So losing out on 50g shouldn't bother me that much. But for some reason, this quest I lost today rubbed me a bit wrong. Why?

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Maybe its because you fixed a bug that would have prevented this, and didn't implement it as a feature after players gave positive feedback about the change. Maybe because there was a lack of communication about the quest coming today (or I missed it). Maybe I'm just taking it personally because, for the first time in months I have time to play again on a regular basis, and was planning on completing that quest today, and was surprised to see it gone. Maybe its because I was trying to complete one of the quests this morning (win a single game with Mage) and lost 3-4 times in a row, which inevitably caused me to lose this quest indirectly. Maybe its because its raining outside right now, and has nothing to do with Hearthstone at all. I can't say for certain…

Anyway, I had some time to spare since I couldn't complete that deleted quest and decided to write you this letter. I'm not angry or anything. I'm glad I got a Rise of Shadows pack from a legendary quest, and I really like them in general. I just think you could handle them better in the future.


A Hearthstone Player


  • Tavern Brawl came with a Legendary Quest (good!)
  • Legendary Quest replaced a Regular Quest (bad…)
  • No warning in advance (or I missed it :P)
  • Please fix or better communicate these in the future

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