A little suggestions from Hong Kong : DAY 2: DO NOT LET THIS DIE, DO NOT LET HONG KONG BE FORGOTTEN

hearthstone 3 - A little suggestions from Hong Kong : DAY 2: DO NOT LET THIS DIE, DO NOT LET HONG KONG BE FORGOTTEN

This's not just about Blizzard. Blizzard just wake you up to see the ugly truth about how those big companies suppressing people's freedom of speech in order to earn money from China. Today is Blizzard suppressing the players, tomorrow may be the government suppressing the citizens. You all have to take it very seriously.

The greatest weapon you have is your vote. Your opinions can greatly affect the orientation of the government. Please use your vote effectively.

There are some suggestions from @sss_n :

Not a gamer here, so not exactly sure of the ecosystem/landscape in the gaming industry. But guess there are a few things one as a consumer can do to get back at Blizzard

You may begin with some small collective actions:

(1) Go to AppStore/Play Store, leave 1-star reviews on all games owned by Blizzard, calling on others to delete the games with a bit of explanation why to other gamers/potential consumers.


(2) Call for boycott of Blizzard and its affiliates (if any), do it whenever you can and spread the message, especially among the gamer community. Depending on your main communication channels, which I believe should be online platforms, memes and gifs are likely to be most effective

(3) Not sure if there is any in-app ads in Blizzard’s games, but if yes, write to those who deploy ads on Blizzard’s games, and urge them to consider terminating their collaboration with Blizzard in the near future to show that they support freedom and human rights. Or else there maybe call for boycott of their brands in the future too.

(4) Write to your senator, requesting a thorough investigation into Blizzard’s operations, either look into (a) whether there is any potential malpractice in Blizzard’s operations that may violate certain laws or (b) whether its “business decisions” have infringed freedom of expression and unconstitutional in a sense (I’m no American so not exactly sure if there is such a law or any administrative actions can be done, but this is to put pressure on the company)

A few things that we Hongkongers have been doing for months and hope it helps.

Last but not least, thank you so much for standing with Hong Kong! Super touched by some of the comments here. Your support means the world to us. We shall continue the fight regardless of the prices to be paid.

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