A More Accurate Review of the Current Class Identities

hearthstone 8 - A More Accurate Review of the Current Class Identities

Blizzard recently released an article highlighting the different class identities as well as the new cards being printed to replace HOFed ones (https://playhearthstone.com/en-us/blog/23014810) However, one can only assume the identities stated in the article are moving forward, as some of them seem just plain inaccurate at this moment in time.

This article will be my attempt at better identifying the current identities based exclusively on currently existing cards (including wild sets). I'll also try and keep this as entertaining as possible

A few quick disclaimers:

  1. I am not trying to discredit Blizzards article. I'm sure that the identities they listed are what they plan to aim for moving forward and that communication with us beforehand is a good thing, this is just my interpretation of the current identities inspired by the article
  2. I will mess up. I am one person, doing this out of curiosity to compare the current identities with the future ones, not a team of analysts working to perfectly identify each class perfectly. If I mess up, either incorrectly listing a strength or weakness, or by missing an aspect of an identity, please feel free to correct me in the comments and I'll try my best to make this as accurate as I can with everyone's help.

Now on to the list


Strengths: Going from 0 to 7 minions every turn, Lethal from hand, Fatiguing by turn 10, 10 Mana by turn 6

Limitations: Healing (RIP Heal Druid 2019-2019)

Weaknesses: Board Clear, Single Target Removal, Playing on Curve


Strengths: smORK, Synergies, playing on curve, top decking kill command

Limitations: Card Generation, Taunt (Cheat), Board Clear, Card Draw (Thanks Masters Call)

Weaknesses: Playing past turn 7


Strengths: Playing Solitaire, Freezing a full board, Aha! Aha! Aha! Aha! (Or you know just 4 8/8s on turn 6)

Limitations: Playing curvestone,

Weaknesses: Minions that aren't specifically your wincon or some more card generation


Strengths: Being Hunter but with less Beasts and pretending to also do control, NONE WILL SURVIVE!!, having card draw

Limitations: Everything is a 1/1 or overcosted


Weaknesses: Actually playing control (plenty of board clears, not enough wincons/resource generation)


Strengths: Barnes on 4, meme deck potential, elaborate combos, card draw (the original list put Hunter and Priest on the same level for card draw btw Omegalul)

Limitations: Only one copy of Barnes, relying on expansions for AOE

Weaknesses: Not drawing Barnes, the classic set, not playing the first 3 turns, why couldn't you replace Mindblast with aoe… WHY!!!


Strengths: The classic set, early game control, draw, being aggro, having the coolest value cards that you can never play

Limitations: Having to balance every spell around prep for the last 5 years, playing mid-range

Weaknesses: Having the best value with the worst control tools, nerfs everytime they manage to make a control deck work as a result


Strengths: 4 Mana 7/7 (overload), Card Generation, actual mid-range options, My Jaws that Bite!!!

Limitations: Redefining the identity every expansion, never building on existing ones

Weaknesses: Class identity, rolling a dice after everything you do (most random class)


Strengths: Managing to consistently have control and aggro options, utilizes every resource (health, minions, mana, hand etc), strongest hero power in the game, only class with disruption

Limitations: Discard will always be weak, until it isn't and suddenly becomes unstoppable due to nonstop pushing

Weakness: honestly what weaknesses does warlock really have? Like legit it's the strongest class in wild for a reason


Strengths: Pushing the button, Control with a good classic set

Limitations: Can only pretend to be aggro (Yes I know pirate warrior is a thing, but there's alot of cards intended for aggro that only see play in control decks if at all)

Weakness: Ending the Game, Doesn't have the card generation of priest, leading to boring gameplay

Yeah this kinda devolved into a joke post, sorry bout that, my bad

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