After 5 years of playing (OG), I finally hit legend today. Feels crappy man.

hearthstone 9 - After 5 years of playing (OG), I finally hit legend today. Feels crappy man.

I've been playing since summer of 2014. During that entire time, much has changed in my life, but what you get out of hearthstone has remained consistently underwhelming. After making the legend push, I got to say, it was quite underwhelming finally hitting it. It was like "oh, ok, i got legend. Cool. I'll never do it again". I had this feeling for a number of reasons.

  1. There are no great rewards for actually investing so much time to get to legend. I know this could come across as a "hurrr durrr MOAR FREE STUFF", but it's not. I'll never make this push again. But the people who do invest the time every single month need to be more respected for their time investment and dedication to Hearthstone. The people who try to get legend are some of the most loyal Blizzard players, and I feel like Blizzard does not respect the effort or time investment.
  2. The meta is such a high roll clown fiesta right now and there are so many broken interactions. I know that this is all subjective, but the meta just feels like you are playing until your opponent throws down their broken one turn play. Then either you can hope to have something to react to that play or it's GG. I ranked up with quest evolve shaman and there were many times where I would drop my evolve on the bunnies and rusher on turn 4 and it would just be GG. This happens many times when mysterious challenger is dropped on turn 6. My last game I went against a quest druid who dropped a Kun, into another kun, and was able to clear my board, gain 20 armor, draw 3 cards, drop 2 taunts, have a 7/7 and 3/4 body on the board, and utilize a total of 30 mana crystals. If I did clear the board, a couple turns from then I'd just have to watch the OTK come down with Maly. So everything just feels so broken and high rolly right now.
  3. The shadow of what has happened over the last week just kinda hangs over the game and company as a whole.

The main point in all this is that there really is nothing there for you at legend if you're not a tournament player. People all of a sudden don't jump 30000 IQ points. People play the same way at legend that they do at rank 5. With such a high roll meta, I'm just never blown away by a "good play". I understand that all of this is subjective, but I just hope they start investing some time into improving game modes and trying to get the player more engaged. It's been 5 years and a lot has changed, but this game has stayed the same, for better and worse.

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