An Elegant Synergy Between Faceless Rager and Doomsayer

hearthstone 5 - An Elegant Synergy Between Faceless Rager and Doomsayer

Hello, long time player here and I wanted to talk about the combination between doomsayer and faceless rager.

So I decided to make a handlock deck and eventually added doomsayer because how often aggro decks can snowball by turn 2-4. And to my surprise, I sometimes found myself dropping doomsayer and faceless rager together. I think this is somewhat counter intuitive, as one wouldn't want to drop a minion to die along with their doomsayer, but nevertheless I will try justify this move.

I think the easiest way to explain why these cards work well together is to just simply explain the results this combo can provide.

Situation 1: The doomsayer isn't killed

Now you lose your faceless rager that you played alongside your doomsayer but in effect, this will almost never matter as a control deck because it will outvalue the aggro deck as long as you are alive. And now you are happy that their board died so you can be alive. I think most people would see this as just simply wasting the faceless rager as it doesn't have taunt or anything that can protect the doomsayer from damage, but I hope by the end of this one can see how the faceless rager isn't exactly wasted.

Situation 2: The doomsayer is killed


Now you have a 5/7 in play that can help prevent minion presence on the opponent's side of the board and blocked 7 or greater damage that could have come your way. Although it sounds rather lack-luster, this combo is especially powerful because it can be played at 5 mana. A 5/7 vanilla creature usually comes at the price of 5 mana, but you also "heal" for 7 or greater damage. In a sense, one can think of the combo as 5 mana 5/7, battlecry: summon a 0/7 taunt.

I think some people will say that this combo is not actually that strong because it requires two cards instead of one. However, there are arguments that could be made to prove that this combo is, in fact, strong, especially in handlock. Warlock has the most consistent draws between all classes due to the hero power and the card-disadvantage, as I already mentioned, is negligible vs an aggro deck. I also think having a big body that can remove minions is especially important in this developing meta where the primary aggro decks rely on board presence to use their buff cards (Grim rally, power of the wild, etc.). Additionally a 5-7 can be used to put taunt on with sunfury protector in comination of a twilight drake after turn 5 which sets up a wall that can be hard for aggro players to get by

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