An update to my Chaos Control Hunter deck from 3 weeks ago after analyzing the data of >10,000 games.

hearthstone 3 - An update to my Chaos Control Hunter deck from 3 weeks ago after analyzing the data of >10,000 games.

Hey everyone,


3 weeks ago I posted my Chaos Control Hunter Deck for Season 61:

Kharan Chaos Control Hunter (v3)


While I and many others had great success with it and hit legend I wanted to try a different approach to additionally improve it. Because this deck got popular I had data of over 10,000 games as a sample size to analyze the weaknesses. Primarly I tried to get a better winrate against Rogues and Mages as I was facing them together more than 40% of all my games played, while keeping the really strong winrate against warriors and other control/midrange decks.

The new version I made does not change the playstyle or the goal of the old deck but optimizes the draw and tempo in the early game. As both version are viable and there are a lot of cards substituted I wanted to leave the old deck guide as it is and make a new one specially for this version and the differences to the other variant.


1276606 legend kharan chaos control hunter v4 - An update to my Chaos Control Hunter deck from 3 weeks ago after analyzing the data of >10,000 games. Kharan Chaos Control Hunter (v4) Full Deck Guide




Deck List Image & Stats: https://imgur.com/a/BU2NRFY


In general the deck has a lot more early tempo and midgame draw now which helps immensely in tempo/aggro matchups. While Acolyte of Pain is a very good draw card it needs time on the board and does not help much at controlling with only 1 attack. Even in combination with Wild Pyromancer and Rapid Fire it was often not worth the cards because of the tempo loss.


By adding Ursatron instead you get a strong turn 3 play and still draw a card. The deck already had enough mechs in it to make this card viable but I also switched Rotten Applebaum for Safeguard to have one more in the pool. The advantage of drawing a mech in this deck is that you are very likely to always draw Zilliax and Safeguard quickly to counter aggro decks.


It also turned out that Safeguard is very solid with Nine Lives to save at least 5 hp and get an additional target on the field for Spider Bomb and Zilliax. By removing Bomb Toss and Bloodmage Thalnos, Nine Lives got a lot more consistend when played with Zul'jin and Archmage Vargoth.



Another big change in this deck is the use of 6 secrets with Subject 9 and Masked Contender. The main reason I added them is the great draw/deck thinning they provide and the control and tempo gain that they give. Rat Trap was by far the most useful card in many matchups (rogues, warrior) and still good in every other. So by adding a second one and two ways to draw it faster it is guaranteed that your opponent is locked to only playing 2 cards every turn for the whole game, which is impossible for many decks. Freezing Trap ensures an advantage in every situation even when pulled by Masked Contender in turn 3 and only triggered by a small enemy minion. Snake Trap is just as great for this deck because you have many minions that needs to by cleared by your opponent even he plays aggro.


Also Rat Trap and Snake Trap are the best starter traps for Masked Contender because they can't be triggered in early turns before he is played. I decided to only play 3 different secrets 2x times each to reduce the luck involved to get a needed trap by playing Masked Contender and also to not overdraw your hand by Subject 9. Even drawing 2-3 cards and getting a 4/4 minion is a lot of value for a 5 mana card.


Eaglehorn Bow turned out to be the least helpful card in the deck. The statistics showed that it had the lowest winrate by draw and played in critical matchups and did not contribute a lot to already good matchups. So even with the new secrets it is not necessary in this deck as you don't need the damage or control it gives you. Also Secret Plan is not needed anymore because it can't get pulled by the secret draw cards and we already have enough of them in the deck.


The last change I did is to cut Wild Pyromancer out and put Marked Shot in. I noticed that with the new additions AOE was not that necessary anymore because you have a much better early board presence. Wild Pyromancer would hurt your own minions too much and was always a very bad card in control or midrange tempo matchups and contributed to the draw problem the deck had. Marked Shot then is a more reasonable choice because it is a great midgame removal tool and also a great way to keep a full hand. Also the deck was lacking 4 mana cards and good turn 4 plays and a new way of getting more cards back from Zul'jin after cutting Secret Plan.


If there is high demand, I will stream to show some live gameplay of this deck:


Thanks everyone for the great support and I hope you enjoy this deck.

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