As We’re Entering Our Final Stretch of Un’Goro Being in Standard, I’d Like to Give a Shout Out to the Awesome Cheap Elemental Cards it Brought

hearthstone 5 - As We're Entering Our Final Stretch of Un'Goro Being in Standard, I'd Like to Give a Shout Out to the Awesome Cheap Elemental Cards it Brought

I love these elemental cards. They're not great, but they're not bad either. As a beginner player, they let me build budget decks of every single class, and their synergy often gave me a leg up on other players who weren't balling out with tons of cards .

Fire Fly

Tar Creeper

Thunder Lizard

Fire Plume Phoenix

Tol'Vir Stoneshaper

Servant of Kalimos

Blazecaller (epic)

Seriously what a great set of cards. It's sometimes hard for them to stack up against the tier 1 decks you might find on Vicious Syndicate, but they create what I would call a very versatile midrange shell for any class that wants it. You have strong early game cards, fat guards, board interaction, resource extension, and reach. It's the perfect set of cards for any noobie who just started the game and is struggling to make decks work. You can make an elemental deck for every class with the above 12 cards (not counting Blazecaller, which is an epic), and then it gets even better: some of the classes even have good elementals to synergize even further!

Mage: If you have Frost Lich Jaina, this is huge. Otherwise, there's lots to choose from. Water Elemental is pretty standard in my decks. Flame Geyser is good too, and the new Arcanosaur for 40 gems is an interesting one. There's also Lesser Ruby Spellstones if you want to up the RNG and value a bit.

Shaman – The king class of elementals, it can bring a lot to the table. Earthen Might is huge as it is a +2/+2 for 2 and gives you more elementals. Servant of Kalimos is great here because it can give you one of the classes power house legendaries. Kalimos and Al Akir are prime examples. There's countless other good elementals here as well.

Priest – Another great elemental class. I just play around with the Divine Spirit / Inner Fire combo while running a bunch of elementals. Servant can grab Lyra, which can run away and steal some games. Radiant Elementals provide further cheap synergy which usually goes well with the deck too.

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Hunter – I find it works really well with Thunder Lizard, as you get both Beast and Elemental synergy.

Paladin / Druid / Rogue / Warlock / Warrior – These classes don't offer much synergy but it's quite easy to still make elementals part of the core package. We saw Elemental Tempo Rogue become a thing for quite a while, even getting mention on Vicious Syndicate. Some of them don't have great basic cards so if you are new, the elemental package can help alleviate that and build you a good deck.

Overall, I like the elemental package and I'll be sad to see it go come April. Going to enjoy these final months while I can, and I'm sure I'll play them some more in Wild. They aren't as all in as Murlocs nor as greedy as dragons, making it an enjoyable middle of the road (and midrange) experience for most classes.

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