Barnes and wild (yep another one)

hearthstone 1 - Barnes and wild (yep another one)

So since the last AMA u/IksarHS gave the following answer

Barnes comes up as a topic of conversation a lot and it’s something we’ve been looking at a little closer in the last week or so as Saviors of Uldum gets closer and closer to release. One of the biggest concerns we’ve had with changing Barnes is that the Resurrect Priest deck is a favorite of many Wild players, and taking away Barnes might make it feel like they can’t play their favorite deck anymore. The spirit of Wild to some degree is that it should be a place where you can go to play your favorite deck no matter when you come back to the game. That said, there have been so many cards released that fall into the Resurrect Priest archetype that I think we could make a change to Barnes without making it feel like that deck is unable to function. We don’t have any changes planned on or before the release of Saviors of Uldum, though we’ll revisit this topic once the expansion releases and we have a better idea of what Wild looks like post-Uldum.

1) He got a the point right, including the part in which the deck got so many new cards that the deck would probably survive a Warsong commander nerf to Barnes. Even if it would end up tier 3

2) The deck winrate is not oppressive as it self because the meta is warped by his presence, when making a new deck the first question is always « How does this deck work against big priest ? » it limit deck building and some archetypes are smothered by its embrace. Which is exactly what was said about many other deck before being nerfed (notably quest rogue). That is why I think I would be healthy for Wild meta that the deck be slightly nerfed.


3) Barnes evolution: At release of the card it was a already a high roll card but at that point it could low roll as well. At that time best case scenario was hitting a Cairne or other strong deathrattle. It made the card balanced, low roll and you get a Yeti, high roll get a nice value. Player where doing statistics about how many low roll minion could be included in the deck and keep consistency. Now the card is a forever wild card and the card will always high roll, the high roll changed to « Do I get to play the card in my first 5 turn ». The cards pool changed an ok card to an oppressive card.

4) The always increasing card pool in wild will one day increase the number of deck able to abuse the card power (Big paladin, Big Rogue, Spell hunter etc). I whatever deck that card is played in the future it will do something crazy.

So my proposed nerfs would be:

Keep it the same but increase the mana to 5, slowing down one turn the crazy high roll capacity of the card

Change the token from 1/1 to 0/1. The effect would still be strong for most of the cards with end of turn effect but it would avoid the case of suiciding the card against one minion to Rez it full size and give more options to the opponent to play around.

I don’t think any of those change would kill the deck but they would lower a little the winrate by reducing the insane high roll potential of playing Barnes on curve in a deck designed to abuse its effect.

Bottom line:

  • A nerf to the card would reduce the number of Big priest. Either due to lower winrate or due to the psychological effect of the nerf.

  • After two years hitting our head against this deck I think we are past due for a change

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