Big theorycrafting for Year Of The Dragon expansions [SPOILERS?]

hearthstone 4 - Big theorycrafting for Year Of The Dragon expansions [SPOILERS?]

So a friend and I have been doing some theorycrafting around the newest expansions that will be dropping for the Year of the Dragon, based off the information we have from Rise of Shadows, and the teaser frames posted. In this thread I'll be going through our theory for what this year will consist of in a very Pepe Silvia-esque way, so don't mind any rambling, and feel free to laugh at me and my dumb ideas in the replies. Let's get started!

So, first, everyone knows about the teaser frames:

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And a good deal of people have figured out so far that the runes on the bottom of the next expansion's gem are the same as on the Staff of Origination cardback, and so the next expansion will probably feature a titan facility. Here's where it gets interesting, however. That yellow gem on the right is very distinctive and I'd like to put forward that that yellow gem at least somewhat purposefully bears a resemblance to…

o3vj782og6431 - Big theorycrafting for Year Of The Dragon expansions [SPOILERS?]

The Dragon Soul.

A bit of a stretch, perhaps? Almost definitely. But take a look at the frame around the gem – it's burned away and is lit from the back by fire, and features the telltale horn of the horde decoration on one side, with nothing on the other, almost like the horde and the alliance co-existing… also a stretch? Perhaps again! But now link the two together – the dragon soul and the telltale burned frame backlit by fire?


We may be looking at a Cataclysm expansion, featuring the revival of Deathwing.

Let's look at some other information:

  • This is a timeline where Kalecgos is already the blue dragon aspect – that lines up with the Dragon Soul raid.
  • We're working with Madame Lazul, a herald of the old gods, the creatures that corrupted Deathwing in the first place.

Not enough? How about the fact that Ra'faam, in chapter 5 of the Dalaran Heist, calls our Warlock "henchman" instrumental to the plan going forward? Why do I say "henchman", you ask, my lovely reader?

Well that's because he's not a henchman at all.

The Dragon Pharoah Tekahn is the king of the Neferset tribe of Tol'vir, who allied with Deathwing to rid themselves of the curse of the flesh and gain back their stony forms. The Tol'vir are a race constructed by the titans to maintain machinery and keep lore in order.

Titan machinery and lore like the facility we may be going to next.

Where we may be resurrecting Deathwing.


Probably. But I had a lot of fun thinking about this.

dwa6n1oyh6431 - Big theorycrafting for Year Of The Dragon expansions [SPOILERS?]

As a bonus, there's an eye in the third gem that I've highlighted for you!

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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