Blizzard, please at least give Arena players the possibility to aquire Golden Heros in Arena…

hearthstone 1 - Blizzard, please at least give Arena players the possibility to aquire Golden Heros in Arena...

Let me start by saying that I love Hearthstone, this is not a post for r/hearthstonecirclejerk. I started playing since Beta and Arena was always my favourite game mode. The only times that constructed play gets my attention is when a new set is release because of the joy of, well, "constructing". That is the reason why I love Arena so much, that feeling of making a brand new deck by yourself and trying to get the most of it. Unfortunately, the support for any limited game mode is still lacking.

In its 5 years of existence, I wouldn't say Hearthstone changed a lot, but definitely Standard is the place where the development happens. I won't say it shouldn't be, it is the default play mode for tournaments and showcases.

At this point, I think most of Arena players have lost their hope for a "competitive" end goal. Honestly, the leadearboard is almost useless. It only favours those that have a huge amount of free time, not that there is no skill required but the 30 runs is quite a lot for semiprofessional players. Again, I don't want this to change, it should be 30 runs, but it shouldn't be the only way to test your skills in a limited format in the most successful Digital Card Game of all times.


I have to admit that the support for Arena in the last two years have been amazing. Buckets are great, more cards are played regarding rarity, classes are somewhat even (#arenawarriorsmattertoomuch). In general it is one of the best metas we have been in. Still, there seems to be no point of playing other than figuring out the meta and improving yourself.

Personally, not being able to get Golden portraits in Arena is the ultimate slap on the face. It is like it is not an "legit" game mode. We sure need a LOT more. We need better and more permanent rewards for 12 wins. We need a real competitive format for limited. Until this day doesn't come, at least give us something…

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TL;DR: Arena needs more support from Blizzard, even if it is in a simple cosmetic way

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