Blizzard please update deck recipes UPON nerfing key cards in those recipes.

hearthstone 2 - Blizzard please update deck recipes UPON nerfing key cards in those recipes.

Either replace those cards or just give us a new recipe because the old deck with nerfs coming their way usually doesn't work well at all.

For example, the saronite nerf hits Shudderwock Shaman pretty hard and it's basically a useless card in that deck but saronite is still in the recipe nevertheless.

I know it doesn't matter much when you can make changes to the deck accordingly but bear in mind Whizbang decks are stuck with whatever the current recipes are, so as long as the recipes are unchanged, whizbang is rendered unplayable solely because shudderwock archetype is still running saronite. I'm not saying Whizbang is supposed to be strong but running cards that are clearly not fitting there just feels bad.

Edit: Some people seemed to suggest that "Whizbang decks are not optimized anyway", well no shit, I've played exclusively Whizbang since the new expansion, I certainly know these recipes aren't close to be well tuned in any way. But Shudderwock Shaman recipe is so bad to begin with (and it's not even new so it's boring too) and now keeping a nerfed card there just makes me sad.


I'm saying all of this NOT because the Shudderwock recipe is bad, or any of the recipes is bad, because they are supposed to be preliminary and Whizbang is just a cheap way to test run the archetypes. What I want to point out is that when a card's text is changed in a bad way, recipes should update to exclude them, since the point of nerfing a card's text is often to discourage people from abusing said card.

Edit 2: My first edit wasn't very clear, what I wanted to say was that there is a line between a "weak" recipe and a "bad" recipe, out of the 18 current recipes, I actually only consider 2 of them "bad", one is Spell Priest and the other is Shudderwock Shaman. Spell Priest never feels like there's ever a win condition. And Shudderwock Shaman joins Anduin. However, it did have one way to win, that is, to summon more and more Shudderwock every turn with Saronite and Zola. Now that Saronite is gonezo, Zola is useless because you can't copy Shudderwock anymore. That is what I think is "bad" recipe, no win condition whatsoever.

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