Blizzard sure is making dropping my video game addiction way easier.

hearthstone 5 - Blizzard sure is making dropping my video game addiction way easier.

Played almost every Blizzard game and have been (like many others who have made similar posts) an avid Blizzard supporter for the past 16 years.

I remember sneaking over to my friend’s place as a kid to play SC and Brood War. I remember begging my parents for Warcraft III when it came out and excitedly telling them the whole story of the RoC campaign over dinner (much to their confusion). I remember having a bunch of friends over with their laptops for our “diablo parties.” I remember pouring hundreds of hours into SC2 when I was in high school to get to a competitive level. I remember playing WoW way back in wrath and it being one of the only things I found engaging during my time in the military. I remember getting my whole house in college into heroes of the storm and the many sleepless nights we had staying up and crushing pugs. I remember trying to get my girlfriend into Blizzard games and her telling me (she’s a devout Christian) “if only people would advocate for God the way you advocate for Blizzard.”

Then Blizzard started to go downhill. First the rapid decline in quality from legion to BFA (which was particularly embarrassing for me as I had just convince a bunch of buddies to sub for BFA thinking it was going to be as good as legion). The whole Diablo mobile incident. Long standing founders and contributors leaving or being laid off. Heroes of the storm being pushed to the wayside. The company seeming to giving less of a shit about their players and more about their wallets.


And now this. A complete sellout. A blatant declaration that they not only don’t give a shit about their players, they are willing to sacrifice anyone or anything (including their dignity) for a profit. If it had been a simply suspension I could understand the rational, rules are rules and the company has the right to protect its market in China. But the whole scorched earth approach of banning Blitzchung, taking his prize money, AND firing the casters goes way beyond a neutral PR cleanup. It seems pretty clear to me: Blizzard is willing to stand behind the brutalities of the CCP in pursuit of profit. I cannot in clear conscience continue to support a company like this.

I’ve always struggled with gaming addiction and I’ve always knew I had to pull the plug sometime to give more time to other things in life. So thank you Blizzard. Thank you for all the amazing memories. Thank you for providing games that were a light for me in my darkest moments. Thank you for all the relationships that I built (both online and irl) playing your games.

And thank you for abandoning all your morals and by doing so making this process so much easier. I’ve deleted any trace of Blizzard from my PC and phone. My Hots gang has decided to move on to other games. I’ve deleted all my WoW characters (including my rogue of 10 years). I’ve cancelled my preorder of WC3 Reforged. You will never get another cent out of me. This isn’t us “taking a break to figure stuff out.” This is me severing every connection I’ve ever had with you.

I would wish you all the best for your future endeavors. But I sincerely hope you crash and burn. For the sake of your employees, player, or anyone that relies on you for a living. Goodbye

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