Bottom Cards of the Week 10/10/20

hearthstone 8 - Bottom Cards of the Week 10/10/20

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edit - Bottom Cards of the Week 10/10/20

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Greetings, fellow humans. So, due to real-life projects that I'm working on, Bottom Cards is going to be on hiatus for a little bit. But fret not, to compensate, I have something special planned for Halloween. What is it? Well, you gotta wait and find out, silly.

Bottom Five

Bottom Five Images

The Mana Devourer

Well, that’s a surefire way to make all the Priests players quit the game. And pretty much any classes that rely on spells, like Mage and Druid.

Fall From Grace

This is just Treachery. No, I mean this is exactly Treachery but in a different class. Even down to the fucking rarity. Have we reached peak laziness with this card? I feel like we have, but I’m sure something worse will come along. They always do, it’s still 2020 after all.

Substitute Executus

Better stats for the cost? Spellburst instead of deathrattle, making it harder to trigger the effect? Is this a powercreep of Majordomo Executus? Well, yes but actually no. While Spellburst is harder to trigger than Deathrattle, this also means that you’re essentially locked out of playing spells unless you want an instant game over. Really, this Executus shares the same fate as his OG, used in Treachery shenanigans, but otherwise left to dust.

Paladin Kerd

NOOOOOOO! You can’t just haphazardly give all minions taunt! THat’ll lock out most minion based decks!

Haha, taunts go brrrrrr.

Fel Ripper

Millhouse? My, god, what have they done to you?

"I got tired of people calling me useless, so I decided to make myself a busted aggro card."


Also, this is clearly a Warlock card, but OP decided to haphazardly put Overload and make it a dual-class with Shaman for some reason.


Extras Images

Bronze Weaver

Don’t know what world you live in where a card whose effect only synergizes with another copy of itself is a good idea for any deck, let alone dragon paladin.

Repented Sorcerer

So in essence “restore 3 Health to your hero.” Aka, a far less flexible Earthen Ring Farseer. And yet another “epic” card that has no reason to be as such.

Blackrock Jailor

99.99% of the time, you’re only gonna use this on your own minions. You should only use this on enemy minions if you intend to lose. Kinda like Conjurer’s Calling, now that I think about it.

Polar Furbolg

This is perhaps the most non-Hunter Hunter card I’ve ever seen. Taunt? Freeze? What does any of that scream Hunter? I guess since it has Deathrattle, so I guess it must be Hunter, then. As much as I make fun of Shaman’s freeze synergies, I legit believe that this card fits Shaman than Hunter. Or at least make it neutral.

Dishonorable Mentions

Dishonorable Mentions Images

Persistent Creeper

The only reason this is here is because of the artwork for the card. Seriously, look at it. That’s some cursed shit right there.

Druid of the Moon

Another card that really shouldn’t be the rarity that it is. I know Hearthstone has some questionable Epics in the past, hell just look at half of the Classic set, but come on.

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