Bottom Cards of the Week 10/31/20 Halloween Special

hearthstone 1 - Bottom Cards of the Week 10/31/20 Halloween Special

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Greetings, fellow humans.

In the spirit of Halloween, I wanted to do something very different.

“Oh, did you pick out cards that fit the theme of Halloween?” Well, no. Instead, I have a little spooky story to tell you (or it won’t be spooky. Depending on the person).

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The Great Ocean of Creativity. What a mysterious and mythical place. Many have sailed to this sea to witness all its beauty and otherworldliness. Sailors tell tales of how they would encounter much strange fish. From those with scales as shiny as gold to others with legendary feats. The wonders continue below the surface with the more obscure sea-life. From fish that create exact copies of itself to others that prefer to stay hidden.

But there was one place where no sailor dares speak off. Deep within the Ocean of Creativity lies the Abyss, a place of absolute horror and depravity. This is where the most horrid of creatures dwell, many created by forces unknown. Only those who are either brave or foolish dare enter here, with very few ever making out to tell the tale. Those who do return only bring stories of horrible monsters that dwell there.

Kelesethers are the first of the monsters one encounters when delving into the Abyss. These eager creatures are always the first to greet trespassers, as their very appearance can invigorate the other monsters. But, should they arrive too late, their aura will have much less of an impact.

Not far from behind are the wretched Tutors. Whenever a creature is in dire need of something, these grappling grubs are always there to grant them what they need. In very rare cases, their slippery tendrils will grab the wrong item.

But let’s say the Kelesethers never show up, or the Tutors manage to grab the wrong thing in time. That's probably it, right? Oh, no, my friend. Those were only the start.

They say that the Crossers didn’t originate from the Ocean of Creativity, having migrated from lands far yonder. Regardless, these invaders have made their home here. While most of their survival tactics aren’t as effective here as they were in their previous home, many still try to flock to the Abyss.

Those who dive into the Abyss dare not to touch a single thing. Growing all across the dark caves and chasms lies living moss monsters called Powercreepers. This creature latches onto any unsuspecting prey, mutating them heavily. While those inflicted by Powercreepers are “better” than what they were previously, their mutation has made them outcasts from their previous kin.


Diving further below, you’ll see all sorts of weird amalgams. What exactly were they? Do they cry for battle, or rattle for death? Do they rush into a fight, or taunt you in spite? These splices of sea-life are what many call Spawns of Zilliax. They try to do everything in the Abyss, but in turn, they end up not providing anything at all.

The Lost is a mystery. It revels in mimicking others, but no one knows its true form. Hell, not even the Lost itself, for it has copied others for so long it has forgotten it.

Here’s a creature that no one enjoys encountering, not even the other inhabitants of the Abyss. It possesses the ability to wield storms of mana, but it lacks any of the proper knowledge to wield it correctly. Most of the time, these Manastormers cause more destruction to their allies than any intruders. These creatures know how much they’re hated, so they isolate themselves in the deepest, darkest caverns of the Abyss, away from others.

In the deepest depths of the Abyss is where the most horrid of these monsters dwell, some so frightening that even other inhabitants of the Abyss fear them.

The Grudger is a large, and spiteful creature of spines and claws. Every day, it grows a deep hatred towards something and will dedicate itself to wiping all traces of it off the face of the ocean. What this thing could be varied. On some days, he hates everything that’s Priesty. On others, he despises things going towards his face.

While there is no sense of order in the deepest parts of the Abyss, there exists a creature called the Enforcer. This behemoth is the self-proclaimed “law enforcer” of the Abyss, forcing all others to his will. His laws are mostly unfair and unjust. Key examples including a mandatory freezing hour for storm wielders, or having any that wields magic to harm themselves.

But let’s say you’ve managed to fend off all these feinds. When all else fails, the creatures of the Abyss call upon their greatest champion: the Winion. This behemoth is the ruler of the Abyss. Many try to take its throne but found that no matter what they do, the Winion always prevails.

And there you have it, dear readers. A tale of the horrors of the Abyss. Is there anything to learn from this? Maybe, I dunno.

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