Bottom Cards of the Week 11/7/20

hearthstone 9 - Bottom Cards of the Week 11/7/20

Last Week: 10/31/20

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Maximillian Lionfang

I was a bit torn about this card when I first saw it. At first, I thought it was pretty limiting and assumed that the only classes that could really take advantage of this was Druid and Hutner who had strong Beast synergies. Yeah, you could just put the strong Beast minions with the class’s strong spells, but if I wanted to build a deck like that, I'd go play Arena.

But then I thought about it more and realised that this effectively removed all matter of class identity. Wanna have a turn 7 active Jan’alai as Hunter? You can. Wanna use Krag’Wa as Mage and get infinite spell generation? Sure thing. Wanna play Gonk as Warrior and not lose instantly? There are plenty more combinations, but these are the ones I stole from others thought of myself.


This card isn’t good no matter how you use it. As a board clear, it’s a far worse Twisting Nether, and not to mention Warrior has far better board clears to use. As disruption, it’s way too slow. By turn ten, your opponent would either have completed the combo by now and you're dead, or their pieces are still in their deck, rendering using this a waste of 10 mana.

Nozdormu, Starkeeper

Geez, dude. I hate aggro as much as the next Fun player, but this is overkill. Hell, this doesn't just hinder Aggro, it also guts Singletons and makes Control matches more unbearably long. The only type of deck that can really beat this is Combo, and those sure are fun and interactive.

Prince Arthas, the Pure


First custom Corrupt card to be featured here, and it's a lesson on how not to make one. If you look at the currently revealed Corrupt cards, you'll see that most are relatively playable without having it Corrupted. This is not the case. Uncorrupted, it's a vanilla 4/4 which is horrible for 5 mana. That means that having it Corrupted is mandatory, not an upgrade. And when you do get it Corrupted, it's absolutely bonkers.

Kae Ti

You know what sounds like a good idea? A card that only synergizes with another specific cad. But not just any card, a free pre-expansion one that faded into obscurity once its expansion dropped. Sounds like a good card right? No, and not even for the memes either.


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The Dragger

I’m sorry, but was this card randomly generated? Five mana Mind Control, a Priest effect, but it requires the minion to be damaged, a warrior flavor, and it's a Rogue weapon. Saying this is a flavor fail would be an understatement.


The title of the post is right about one thing, nothing sure beats two mana deal 5 damage that the opponent can’t deal with.


Look, Custom Hearthstone. Just because Blizzard prints one card that has a mechanic, doesn’t mean that you have to mimic it. Wanna know why? Because when you do it, half of the stuff you make with it is broken as hell. Like this for example. Way too easy to grow out of control and most of the time, your opponent can’t do anything about it. Did I mention that when it corrupts the attack becomes part of the weapon and not an enchantment? That means that you can use Hoard Pillager to easily gain something like a 15/2 Lifesteal weapon.

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