Bottom Cards of the Week 4/11/20

hearthstone 9 - Bottom Cards of the Week 4/11/20

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edit - Bottom Cards of the Week 4/11/20

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Overwatch Heroes Set

Man, we’ve been getting a lot of card sets for this series this year, and it’s only April. Can’t be bothered to describe every last one of them, but each hero fits into three categories: too weak, too strong or mediocre. For example: Winston Brigitte and Lucio are laughably bad, it isn’t even funny. On the opposite spectrum, Sombra and McCree are so OP that it almost warrants them an auto-include in every deck. You could argue that some cards match the flavor of their character, but flavor doesn’t save you from this series while I’m working on it.

Snowy Abomination

On this week's episode of “Trying to make Freeze Shaman work” This is similar to Treespeaker in which it transforms your minions into “better” ones, but only under a condition. This is arguably worse because having Frozen minions is much clunkier to get than simply having Treants. Unless you're facing up against a Mage, then you’re not gonna be controlling frozen minions. On the topic of being compared to Treespeaker, it's arguably worse. With Treespeaker, you’re essentially giving your 2/2s +3/+3. But with Snowy Abomination, the stats of your frozen minions determine whether its battlecry is a buff or a nerf. And speaking of the tokens, they’re worse than the Ancients, having 1 less attack. So in essence, you have to go out of your way to freeze your board so that you can play this and get a bunch of Chillwind Yetis, which will most likely die to some board clear that your opponent’s most definitely saving up.

Practice Makes Perfect

Justicar Trueheart and Baku cries in the corner. Also, Odd deck value, amirit?

Sikramas, Soul Slave

Reads Title of Post.

Bloodbloom, Dragoncastor, Kael’Thas, Inkmaster Solia, Ysiel: Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Wild Meta Breaker

Waaah! ME wanna make meme/greedy decks, but me keeps getting beat by actual good decks. Me make card that screws the entire Wild meta. Me angery!! GGRRRRRRR!!

You can bet your ass that he only put it under the humorous tag as a way to shield himself.


Extras Gallery

Warlord Wroz

Unconditional turn 1 Void Contract that only affects your deck. And your reward is a Millhouse. You could theoretically use this as a deck thinner, but you have to pray that this doesn’t remove your combo pieces (which it’ll most likely do). This is definitely more risk than reward, by about lightyears away.


Jace Darkweaver

As we have all come to realise, Demon Hunter is pretty overpowered. Not surprised by this, as Blizzard is infamous for overturning their new stuff into their games. Part of the reason is their keyword: Outcast. In theory, it's supposed to provide proper hand positioning. In execution, they enable filthy top-decks and almost all cards are very strong without needing to fill in the condition. So, yeah, let's make a card that basically negates its uniqueness and makes it so that you don’t have to actually use your brain when trying to make them.

Security System

Someone must’ve gotten tired of losing to Secret Mage/Secret Rogue.

Tribute to Rotated Cards

Two card sets for this week. That’s gotta be a new record.

For the two secrets, good luck trying to complete them, as they are too specific to even be played. As for the quest, no. Just no. One shudderwock is annoying enough as it is. We don’t need shaman to have the ability to get four at once with little requirement.

Dishonorable Mentions

69prBQn - Bottom Cards of the Week 4/11/20

Dishonorable Mentions Gallery

The Lock

First of all, why is this neutral? It clearly has a Shaman only keyword, so therefore it should be Shaman, but it's not. Are people really becoming that lazy that they’ won’t even change the damn coloring of the card? While the condition isn’t too hard to complete, I can’t think of a reason to run this. Most Shamans only use Overload cards in aggro decks, and by running this you’re essentially giving up your turn 1. Another thing to note is that most of the time, you're trying to not overload yourself too much, or else you risk locking yourself out of mana.

Funny thing is, I don’t think it's that bad. Sure, the condition might be a bit hard to complete, but the reward is relatively balanced. It could’ve been a lot worse, such as ‘you can’t overload mana crystals this game’ or ‘whenever you overload mana crystals, overload that much to your opponent’. Even just fixing the type of class this card belonged to will make it ten times better than it would’ve been as a Neutral. So, good job, OP. You successfully made a not-so-bad overload synergy card that doesn’t break the game. If only others would follow suit.


Yo, dawg. I heard you like Outcast cards. So I put an Outcast card inside an Outcast card. Also, this should not be legendary.

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