Bottom Cards of the Week 4/18/20

hearthstone 2 - Bottom Cards of the Week 4/18/20

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edit - Bottom Cards of the Week 4/18/20

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Vision of Vengeance

At first glance, this seems really powerful. Having the ability to refill your hand and draw more cards afterwards seems like the perfect card for any tempo/aggro oriented demon hunter. In reality, there isn’t a reason why you would play this over Skull of Gul’Dan. Put it in aggro? Card cost 6 mana, so good luck trying to play more than three cards afterwards. Mecha’Thun or Nomi? Pray that this doesn’t mill them away. Control for refill? Yeah, cause control and Demon Hunter mix as well as Priest and aggro/tempo (and by that I mean not well at all).

Libram of Tenacity

One mana Novice Engineer that tutors. Oh, and since this is also a Libram, it can be discounted, so you can have a 0-mana tutor.

Virtuous Strike

Man, Pure Paladin kinda sucks since the rotation. It lacks any early game push and is straight up dead against any aggro decks if it gets a bad hand. What can we do to remedy this? Oh, I know. How about a 2 mana upgraded Consecration? That’ll show those aggro decks.

The Underworld Dealer

If you thought Keleseth was the most highrolly two-drop in the game, well he is, but this is close. Playing this means your praying for a good curve for the rest of the game. Oh, and since you can have two of these, you have two chances to screw up your mana curve.


Conjured Prison

2-Mana Moat Lurker.


Extras Gallery

Yracs Imp

So, what’s stopping people from playing this as a vanilla 2 mana 3/3? Also, it’s called an Imp, but no demon tribe, and the fact that it looks nothing like an imp.

Prove Your Worth!

Speaking of two mana 3/3s, how about one that guarantees two damage your hero. And you better not have some weapon or hero attack buff, cause unless you have Wrathscale Naga or Nethrandamus, you’ll just kill them off.

'God' of War

Look, I know Warrior is doing crap in this meta, but do they really need a three mana board clear that's guaranteed for them to win? I don’t think so, you don’t think so, and nobody else should think so.

Prophet Medivh

Not only is this another “fuck you x deck” card, but a terrible one at that. Virtually useless against any sidequests and main quests that can be completed very fast and easy, and against slower quests like The Last Kaleidosaur it’s hardly worth teching against. And if your opponent doesn’t have a quest, all you have is a War Golem. Medivh deserves better than this.

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