Bottom Cards of the Week 4/25/20

hearthstone 2 - Bottom Cards of the Week 4/25/20

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Elisandes Crystal

A weird lovechild of Floop’s Glorious Gloop and Effigy, and clearly got both recessive genes. Put it simply, Conjurer’s Calling’s a better card in every way, and here’s why:

Elisandes Crystal

-Cost 10, ten times more expensive than similar cards like Lock and Load and Gloop

-Requires minions to be already on the board.

-Minions need to trade and die in order to trigger the effect

-Only summons one minion from each

Conjurer’s Calling

-Cost 4, leaving you with enough mana to do something else

-Can target both enemy and friendly minions (but mostly friendlies)

-You get two different minions instead of one

-Can be casted twice due to it being Twinspell

Charged War Golem

All that missing is Windfury and we have a powercreep Siamat.

Reworked Leeroy

Whoa, Millhouse. You really let yourself go. Like with other cards of the Manastorm Club, this is an absolute gamble when played. Playing this means you absolutely have to have lethal. If you don’t or somehow miss it, then prepare to reap the consequences of your actions. This doesn't even change the core issue with leeroy in that he was almost everywhere and primarily only used as a finisher. This nerf only serves to reinforce that fact but ten times worse and fifty times more unforgiving for whoever plays it. Even someone like me who despises Leeroy and wished for the card to be changed or nerf thinks this is too much.


Corrupted Hero

Ignoring the fact that this is easily played around by the multitude of mana cost reductions, this has very horrible stats. No one would play a 4/6 for 5 or 6 mana, let alone for 8.

Darkspeaker R'khem

Imagine Faceless Corruptor, but bigger, more expensive, can’t do anything the turn it's played, and you can only have one of each in your deck.


Extras Gallery

Oath of Knowledge

1 mana draw that tutors.

Toki, Time-Tinker

‘To explain what I mean by "future", it would be a selection of cards designed to potentially be released in the future’. Yeah, that’s not gonna happen, chief, and here’s why. One, if the card did that, then it would most likely cause all kinds of bugs and coding errors. And two, this would create lots of leaks for future expansions. In my opinion, the card should simply add legendaries from released expansions after the Witchwood, that way you’ll solve the leak issue in no time.

Apprentice Smith

Captain Greenskin cries in the corner. And also doing the lazy route by needlessly referencing another card when the text itself can fit the space.

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