Bottom Cards of the Week 5/23/20

hearthstone 3 - Bottom Cards of the Week 5/23/20

Last Week: 5/16/20

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So, the first two entries are actually from last week, but I just didn't get the chance to include them in time.

Bottom Five

Bottom Five Gallery

Massive Summoning

Another card that suffers from the Temporus issue. Unless your opponent gets some super low attack minions, or you get some taunts or rushes, this is a surefire way for you to lose the game. At the very best, it's only use is to screw up Rez Priest, albeit very inefficiently.

Chronomancer Inara

It’s Time Warp, but with less set-up and way more inconsistent. Sure, the extra turn is pretty strong, but the fact that you have to time it carefully means you’ll most likely die trying.


Powercreeping two class cards in one? All that’s missing is some card draw and we could’ve had a triple.

Upgraded Hero Powers Set

Wow, second week in a row with a set. To keep it simple, some of these are laughably underpowered despite being their “ultimate form”, while others are outright broken. I don’t have the time in the day to discuss these individually, so Imma just leave that task up to you guys.


Yeah, the stats are way too low. At best, this is a 10 mana 7/7 that fills your board with 0/1s with taunts. So, in other words, a worst Onyxia. How does one reverse powercreep a card that barely ever sees play (outside of random discoveries and generations) is beyond me. And hey, yet another very understated minion to screw over Evolve Shaman.


Extras Gallery

Reworked Prince Malchezaar


This might as well be a different card, because it is completely unrecognizable. The whole point of Malcezaar is that he’s supposed to be a fun legendary. But it seems like OP didn’t get the point or just didn’t give a damn entirely, cause this rework takes all of the fun away form the card and turns it into a design breaking, fatigue preventing mess. The worst part is that this would actually make it see play even less, as there are other cards that prevent fatigue and do a much better job at it, such as Ellysianna or my boy Benedictus.

Funny enough, the best thing from this post isn't’ the post itself, but rather this removed convo with two other users: https://www.removeddit.com/r/customhearthstone/comments/gmaeel/a_different_take_on_one_of_the_worst_legendarys/

Vol'jin, Shadow Hunter

Wow, this is just laughably bad. I think this might be the worst hero card we’ve had in this series. Paying 9 mana to get a vanilla 3/2 weapon is laughably anti-tempo. The hero power, while good at best, is one of the most generic I’ve ever seen from a hero card. The worst part is that you can literally replace Vol’jin with any other character and the card will be no different. The dude deserves better, especially after being shafted in Legion in favor of Fem-Edgelord Hitler (I’m referring to Sylvanas in case you couldn’t figure it out).

Dishonorable Mentions

Dishonorable Mentions Gallery

Aldor Storyteller

Everyone knows that Paladin has a bit of an identity crisis, having archetypes that don't fit the class or are used in one set and never seeing the light of day again (aka the Freeze Shaman treatment. No, Invocation of Frost does not count). This card attempts to mold a few of these archetypes together, but it only ends up a garbled mess. As the old saying goes “if you try to do everything, you end up doing nothing.” Yes, you can theoretically trigger its effect, but what kind of deck would be playing to warrant using this?

Ammolite Explorer

It’s Emerald Explorer but smaller. Pretty lazy design.

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