Bottom Cards of the Week 5/9/20

hearthstone 10 - Bottom Cards of the Week 5/9/20

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edit - Bottom Cards of the Week 5/9/20

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So, just a heads up before we begin, a couple of post and their images got deleted before I could save them. If you want to know what the card is, read the bold part. Also, we have something special from

Bottom Five

hfFXKHX - Bottom Cards of the Week 5/9/20

Bottom Five Gallery

Paranoic Berserker

2/2/3 Warrior

This minion is always damaged.

Has +1 Attack while damaged.

If I’m reading this correctly, this is basically a two mana 3/3 with no downside. One that can easily synergize with all of Warrior’s damage cards.

Rou: Vaijkaka Overlord

Ugh, this card art is giving me the jeebees. Statwise, it's a very poor Leeroy. For it’s battlecry, it’s way too specific to ever be pulled off.. Running this in most decks means you have to draw at least half of it before activating its effect, and by that point you’ve either already won or lost. Most likely, it’ll just be used as another finisher like Leeroy, and that card got HoFed for a reason.

Feltongue Corruptor

Yo, Archbishop Benedictus is a pretty cool and surprisingly good card, but what if all classes get him. And instead of shuffling a random deck into yours, how about what’s essentially a refill of your deck? Too powerful? No worries, we’ll just give it a highlander requirement so that it messes up their other highlander cards? They can always just wait until their deck is near empty and play it? Well, uh, what if aggro kills them beforehand? Highlanders are highly flexible and will most likely survive the aggression through clears, taunts and heals (except Hunter and Rogue). Honestly, I can go on, but I don’t think I need to explain any further. At least it wasn’t some start of game effect bullshit.

Reworked Shatter


Combine this with Frost Nova and you essentially have a 1 mana cheaper Pyro-Equality combo. As if Mage needs any more removal.

Powercreep Siphon Soul

6/-/- Epic Warlock Spell

Destroy a minion and remove it from existence.

Based on the author’s explanation in the comment, this is basically a much better Siphon Soul in every way. Also, obligatory ‘Fuck You, Rez Priest’ card number…who knows, cause we’ve had so many.

Extras and Special

Extras and Special Gallery

Undead Commander

An overstated two drop with no downside that also buffs Faceless Lackey? Yes, it will absolutely see play. Just because something doesn’t have long and needlessly complicated text doesn’t mean that it won’t see play. Case in point: Blazing Battlemage.

Reworked Jaraxxus

Something special for this week, a custom card not from
r/customhearthstone, but from the main subreddit (although, it still reeks of it). You might be thinking “This doesn’t seem so bad. It’s a simple change to the type of card Jaraxxus is. What makes him warrant a placement here?” If the Rise of Mechs update has taught me anything, is that the simplest of changes can transform a meme card into an absolute busted one.

Let’s compare and contrast for a bit: both cards give you a strong weapon and hero power. But while Jaraxxus’ weakness is that you have half the health of a normal hero meaning that you’re very easy to kill, this version allows you to retain your health. That simple difference makes this card absolute busted, especially if you manage to keep your health above 20. If this change were to ever happen (which it won’t, hopefully), then we’d have a Deathstalker situation where it’s played in every single deck, regardless of what type it is.

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