Bottom Cards of the Week 6/13/20

hearthstone 3 - Bottom Cards of the Week 6/13/20

Last Week: 6/6/20

Next Week: TBM (but not by me)

edit - Bottom Cards of the Week 6/13/20

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Just a heads up, I won't be able to do next week's bottom cards. This si because I have a driving test coming up and I need to focus on studying for it. So, if someone wants to do it for me, be sure to message me and let me know.

Bottom Five

Bottom Five Gallery

Purefire Blade

Better known as Curse Blade 2.0, now bigger and guaranteed to not get you killed or get screwed over by random weapon equips (looking at you Malkorok). “But, Red, surely this weapon is bad. It basically destroys your hand, therefore you have to rely on topdecks.”And you’d be right in any other deck. But let’s say your playing Aggro, specifically Wild aggro.Your hand is going to be empty anyways, so the effect is mitigated. So unless your opponent has tons of taunts, heals, armor, or a combination of the three, you effectively have 20 damage in one card SMOrcing them down.Tricks of Trade

Either a 1-mana “do nothing”, or a powercreep Sinister Strike, either option is a no-no. Even without triggering it’s combo-effect, this can still be used to trigger other combo-effects such as Miscreant or Edwinn due to the fact that it costs 1-mana. If a Rogue can’t trigger a one mana combo card, then something went horribly wrong.

The One

Another card to enter the Keleseth Effect pile. Play this very early, you’re guaranteed to have the advantage. Play this on any turn after 3-4, then its a waste of mana, and most likely will get sniped.



As if Rez Priest would even use this to begin with. At effectively 5-mana due to her being dormant, she’s worse than Eternal Servitude and Psycopomp, two cards that Rez Priest are better off using. Not to mention, she also has the potential of screwing up the Rez Pool, which is something a Rez Priest player definitely doesn’t want. You could use this as a way to have an infinite board, but if that’s your game plan, just use Catrina or Kel’Thuzad.

Blade Master in Fog

4/2/4 Rogue Legendary

Permanently Stealthed.

Your hero is Immune to minions with 5 Attack or more.

Hmm, make myself immune to any late game board, and the opponent can’t do anything about it? Sounds like a pretty good deal. For me, anyway, not for my opponent.

Dishonorable Mentions

Dishonorable Mentions Gallery

Raaksi, the Accuser

9-Mana minion with no immediate impact and terrible stat distribution? Oof. An effect that unless you’ve specifically tailored your deck around it only serves to help your opponent? Big oof. The effect isn’t immediate, leaving it vulnerable to silence/transform effects? Bigger oof. Need another niche/terrible cards (i.e. Treachery) to make some semblance of a combo? The biggest oof.

Treasure Hoarder Togwaggle

The best way to describe this card is “High Variance.” In order to even achieve this card’s effect, you’re essentially sacrificing your early game, which can be detrimental in certain match-ups. Playing this also means at the mercy of Draw-RNG. Sure, you might get a Wanderous Wand on turn 3; but you could also have all five treasures at the bottom of your deck (and all five are Tolin’s Goblet). This card can work, but with this high level of variance and rng involved in it means that only the most memey decks can run this.

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