Bottom Cards of the Week 6/6/20

hearthstone 3 - Bottom Cards of the Week 6/6/20

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edit - Bottom Cards of the Week 6/6/20

Bottom Cards Guide

The time has come. Execute Order 66.

Sorry, had to get that out of the way.

Bottom Five

Bottom Five Gallery

Kuthad Luther IV

So, how many keywords do you think it should have?

Author: Yes.

Champion of the Naaru

Ever wanna play War Golem, but don’t wanna be seen as some f2p peasant and your only match-ups have been against Warlock and Demon Hunter? Well, this is the card for you. We’ve seen custom cards be reverse powercreeps of in-game ones, but to be a reverse powercreep of a card from the basic set is a whole new achievement.

Libram of Librams

Bruh, is this a joke? Well, I don’t see a humorous tag, so I guess not.

But this does bring up a topic when it comes to custom libram cards. Just 👏 because👏 it’s👏 a👏 Libram👏 does👏 not👏 mean👏 that👏 a👏 Paladin👏 card👏 should👏 be👏 overpriced👏.

God, I hope that’s the last time I ever have to use the clap emoji. If it’s not, then we are truly in the End Times.


By the moment this awakens, 99.99% of the time you’re already dead.

I know what you're thinking, and no, Thekal would not work with this, as you’re technically not taking any damage.

Luxon, Golden Armored

Oh, boy, where to start with this one? Ignoring the effect for now, it's an overcosted Boulderfist Ogre. That’s a big no-no here.


Now onto the effect itself, there are so many problems with it. One, non-gold vs gold cards should NOT be integrated as a game mechanic at all. To compare, this is like giving weapons in a shooter a buff when a skin is equipped over weapons that don’t have skins. Making a purely cosmetic game mechanic decide whether a player has the advantage is one of the biggest game design flaws ever. Second, think of what the effect on the player base it will create. Not only will it create a divide between f2ps and p2ps (or at least make a divide bigger), but it will actively force players to dust all of their golden copies because one card is immune to all of them.

This isn’t just gamebreaking, it’s beyond game breaking.


Extras Gallery

Sargeras, of the Horde

Okay. Okay. This is a lot of text to go through, but here’s a basic summary.

Start of Game: If you survive until turn five, win the game. Otherwise, lose the game.

“Hey, Red. It has the humorous tag and you said that you won’t be including them on the series anymore.” Yes, but I’m gonna be breaking a rule and include it anyways because it didn’t have the tag before. I suspect that the author changed it so that I wouldn’t be featured here, but that might just be me conspiracy thinking again.

The Mastermind

All it takes is one Ice Block for this to become super busted. And this is from a set that he’s working on. God, I hope this doesn’t spell something.


So, is this a mech?

Well, yes, but actually, no.

Not only is this 3/3 “mech” a legendary for no damn reason, but putting the mech tag as a text makes it worse as it can be silenced and be rendered as a useless vanilla 3/3. You’re better off just using Spider Tank.

Dishonorable Mentions

Dishonorable Mentions Gallery

Queen Elisa

Another card with a rarity identity crisis. Make it a common or rare, and it’s much better.

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