Bottom Cards of the Week 8/1/20: The Return

hearthstone 4 - Bottom Cards of the Week 8/1/20: The Return

Last "Week": 6/13/20

Next Week: TBA

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Greetings, fellow humans.

Ah, it feels good to be back from hiatus. And would you look at that, just in time for the next expansion to come out. Since this such a perfect time to return, I figure this week would be a Scholomance Special.

Also, to whoever was in charge of doing this series while I was gone, you had one job.

Bottom Five

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First Day of School

Infinite secrets and permanent board presence? Sign me up chief. While this may be dumpster fire in Standard, it's Wild where this will shine the brightest. Just a simple turn 6 Challenger is enough to complete this quest in one go.

The Soul Lock

How many times must I teach you this lesson?! I may have to bring out the clapping emoji again.

Interacting 👏with 👏your 👏opponent’s👏 stuff 👏on 👏their 👏turn 👏should 👏never👏 exist👏 EVER!

Murloc's Graduation Throne

So many things are wrong with this card. First off, murloc synergies with taunt? What is this, Battlegrounds? Second, 80% of the time, this just dies instantly when played. Just play Ol’ Murk Eye, at least he does something immediately.

Finkle Einmourn

Ah, yes. Disruption DH. The new archetype that the community is ecstatically looking forward to. Especially control players./s Some may argue that there should be tools against Control decks. While I agree with that assumption, there's a difference between tools and then there's completely screwing them over.

Evil Summoner Varn


Just read the top comment of this card’s post. It explains everything. Plus the format is pretty nice.


Paladin of Conviction

7/5/4 Paladin and Priest

Divine Shield

Battlecry: Choose an enemy minion. At the start of your turn, take control of it.

Sorry, Embrace Darkness, but just because you have a body doesn’t mean you’re better. In fact, you’re probably worse because now your opponent can trade into it in order to deny it. At best, you’re a Dalaran Crusader that cost two more mana.

Substitute Creature

Patches 2.0, Beast Boogaloo.

Archmage's Staff

Well, this doesn’t seem so bad. I mean, in what instance would extra spell damage actually be go-

Gets double Fireballed for 18 damage.

Huh, so that’s why spell damage is only on minions.

Blood Creeper

How do you powercreep a card that isn’t even out yet? Well, I really shouldn’t say powercreep, as Blood Herald is almost guaranteed to be terrible. While this solves the problem of you topdecking this at the wrong time, this still doesn’t solve the core issue that this and Blood Herald are way too slow to be any good. Not to mention, if you do play this, you better hope that your opponent doesn’t have an answer, otherwise you’ve just wasted a lot of resources.

Y’know this almost sounds like Edwin VanCleef now that I think about it.

Dishonorable Mentions

Dishonorable Mentions Gallery


Constant removal that your opponent can’t deal with at best, or poor man’s Siamat at worst.

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