Bottom Cards of the Week 8/15/20

hearthstone 2 - Bottom Cards of the Week 8/15/20

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edit - Bottom Cards of the Week 8/15/20

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Felmyst Channeler

Yet another victim of the Keleseth Problem. Absolutely busted when played on curve, but quickly loses its value the further the game progresses.

Totemmancer Gorboto

I’m getting Disidra flashbacks, and they aint’ good ones. This card and the boss have the same issue in that the hero is highly random. Sure, you might get Totem Golems back to back, or you can get Idiot Totems or Doomsayer Totems instead. The only good thing about this card is that Even Shaman can’t use this.

Sylvanas the Apocalypse

Listen, I’m all for having tech cards against control decks, but this is not the way to go. Dead against literally any other deck, but completely wipes Control decks. Coupled with zero counter play except for kill the opponent before this awakens, this might as well say “force your control opponent to concede. Especially if they're Priest.” You know what, I am 100% certain this card was made to hard counter Priest.

Gotta Go Fast

Well, its a good thing Echo was nerfed a while back, cause otherwise we may have another SN1P-SN4P issue in Wild again. As for the battlecry, no. Nozdormu is already a buggy mess of spaghetti codes, we don’t need any more cards that mess up the turn timer.

Yes, this card has the Humorous tag, but it didn't before I found it, so I’m still putting it here.

Impending Finale

Pop quiz time: you have a wide board. Do you either A. play this for 6 mana, B. play Storm Bringer, C. Play two Soul of the Murloc for 4 mana, or D. play Bloodlust. If you picked any answer but A, then you are correct.


Extras Gallery

Oleus, the All Watching

Okay, the text is rather confusing, but I think I got it figured out.

Start of Game: If you're playing a non-highlander deck, add ten cards to your decks. Otherise, this is a 4 mana 5/5.

Moonlight Greatsword

I’ve seen a lot of Spell Damage synergy cards, but this is perhaps one of the worst. Completely useless thanks to its 0 attack, and even with some spell damage, you have a mediocre weapon at best. You can combo this with Mozaki or Malygos, or you could do literally anything else.

Blessing of Aldoras


Scholomance Battlegrounds Heroes Gallery


Scholomance Academy Battlegrounds Heroes

A bit of an odd one for this week. Technically, this is part of the Extras section, but due to how the post had each individual card in a slideshow, I had to make this a separate section and folder for it.

With that out of the way, let’s go over these heroes one by one.

KT: Ice Block 2.0? How about no? Even if it only has a number of uses, it's still busted.

Janice Barov: Move outta the way, Eudora, there’s a new Golden minion generator in town.

Mozaki: Too much effort to create a large pile of stats that’ll most likely die to the first poisonous murloc.

Vectus: The hero power might as well say, “You have two less minion spaces.” Sure you unlock them upon reaching Tier 4, but at that point your probably already dead or about to die because you simply got outnumbered.

Gandling: How fun and interactive, a two mana destroy any enemy heroes. Not to mention how polarizing it is when its used by someone who hasn’t taken damage at all versus someone at very low health.

Dishonorable Mentions

Dishonorable Mentions Gallery

Shardshatter Mystic and Shadowlight Scholar Swap

Something from the main subreddit. Does this make sense thematically? Yes, Should it be like that? No. Warlock and Demon Hunter have enough board clears and burn respectively and either doesn’t

World Serpent

This getting a spot here not because of the card itself, but rather I think it’s getting way too much praise than it deserves.

“It’s a 3 mana 9/8” that can’t attack heroes and has overload 4, meaning that playing this on curve will cause you to skip your turn 4.

“It can be played later in the game, though.” You mean the part of the game where most players will have access to their array of removals? And god help you if it's a Priest.

“It can be silenced”, completely unnecessary and a waste of a silence. Not everything has to go face. You’re a Shaman, not a Hunter. Plus, are you really going to use a silence on this minion instead of oh, I dunno, something actually worthwhile like a deathrattle or an enchantment?

“Unlock Overload cards exist.” That they see little to no play and I doubt that this card will give them any spotlight.

Honestly, I can go on all day about this, but I think we can all agree that this is pretty overrated.

Whisperwind Jewel

Weak, slow and unreliable healing compared to Renew. But it could’ve been worse, just look at what the original was.

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