Bottom Cards of the Week 8/22/20

hearthstone 1 - Bottom Cards of the Week 8/22/20

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edit - Bottom Cards of the Week 8/22/20

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Ahune, Frost Lord

Wow, what a powerful start of game effect… that will see absolutely no use at all. Out of all the freeze cards in the game, only three can directly freeze your face. Considering that your hero gets unfrozen at the end of the turn (unless you attack, but how the hell do you attack as a Mage?), doing so is rendered pointless and a waste of a freeze. The only instance where the effect can be good is against a combo mage using Ice Lance or Frost Bolt, but that’s a very rare chance. The only real use for this card is to be an extra elemental for Frost Lich Jaina.

And one again, we have a World Serpent scenario where the comments on the post is highly overrated it. My bet is that they just see the immune part and zone out everything else and without

Rogue's Backpack

At first I considered this a powercreep of Hunter’s Pack, but after some reconsidering this is actually worse. Sure, you get one more item, but pretty much all except maybe the secret sometimes are very low impactful. Since they’re low-cost, you can put them in a Combo-oriented Rogue deck, but this seems overkill unless you're building up Edwinn or Spectral Pillager.

Grglmrgl, Shark Rider

Yeah, cause whenever I think Bowmen and Archers, the first thing that comes to mind is Fish people. Hunter CAN run murlocs, but just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should.

Dwarf Summoner

Hey, remember
this fellow? This is him now. Feel old yet?

Unstoppable Sha

Speaking of callbacks, remember Jepetto’s Toy or whatever the name of that minion was? The one that transformed into a 1 Mana 8/8 when it was drawn by Jepetto and Jepetto only? Well, this is that, but reverse. Instead of solely relying on one card for it to be good, this has too many ways for it to trigger its effect. Chief among them is Call to Arms. Can you imagine your opponent managing to pull out not one but two 1 mana 8/10s? Even if you do actually play it, it's still a well stated one drop.


Extras Gallery

Dr. Boom's Remote

This is why single player treasures should not be included in constructed. Or anywhere else for that matter (except maybe tavern brawls). Highlander Warrior may not be as popular as Mage or Priest, but you don’t have to give them a decisive advantage in order to see them get played. Doing so gets shit like Burgle Rogue with the Uldum Quest and Clever Disguise.


3 Mana Neutral Spell

When played, this remembers your current board state. Then shuffle this into your deck. When drawn, add all remembered minions to your hand and discard this.


Man, talk about needlessly complicated. Last time I checked, this isn’t Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic the Gathering. “Put copies of your minions into a Sealed Archive and shuffle it into your deck. When drawn, add the minions to your hand.” With the new wording in place, this is basically a three mana do nothing that eventually but randomly adds stuff to your hand. I can’t imagine any scenario where this is remotely reliable, let alone good.

Varian, Last Breath

Speaking of things being unreliable, how about a very overcosted minion that's stupidly easy to play around? In any instance where your hero is at that health, you’re most likely about to die or already dead. The thing is though, it literally can’t be at any health without it being absurdly powerful.

Destroy Thought

Ah yes, let’s give the top two control classes disruption. And for the cherry on top, let’s have the potential to deal a large amount of burst damage.

The Legionnaire

What’s this? A start of game effect that’s actually negative? I was not expecting to encounter one of those today. And, boy is it negative. Outside of Treachery shenanigans, giving your opponent minions is never a good idea. The fact that this gives them a 3/3 at the start of the game means that they’re at a permanent tempo lead until you stabilize. And by that time, you’re probably almost dead. As the title of the post suggests, this is only useful to counter Rez Priest, a tier 4 archetype that solely exists to bore players to death.

Angry Bot

The effect makes this card way too swingy. Even a simple Blessing of Might is enough to turn this into a one-card OTK. If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s also a mech, so now it can be magnetized by cards such as Ziliax (well, mainly Ziliax).


Not gonna lie, I initially thought this doubled the requirement for the quests, not the progress. If that were the case, then this would definitely be dumpster fire. Tangent aside, this is really not necessary. Almost all quests in the game are relatively easy to complete and can be done quickly as well. That's not to mention you drawing this when you have no unfinished quests, rendering it a vanilla three drop.

Dishonorable Mentions

Dishonorable Mentions Gallery

Lonely Hunt

You might be thinking, “Hey, isn’t this just a worst version of Plot Twist?” To that I say, yes, yes it is. The only deck that can really play this is a hyper-aggro Hunter, but even then Voracious Reader exists which is a much better draw engine (at least before it inevitably gets nerfed). You could say just run both, but that’s unnecessary and in some match-ups overkill because you’ve already killed your opponent before needing any draw.

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