Bottom Cards of the Week 8/29/20

hearthstone 2 - Bottom Cards of the Week 8/29/20

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edit - Bottom Cards of the Week 8/29/20

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Greetings, fellow humans.

This week is gonna be different. So, I was browsing
r/customhearthsonteCJ when I uncover a rather interesting post. Loathe and behold, it was set for a custom monk class. And boy, did I have some words for it, so many that there was no way I could fit them all into one entry. So this week's gonna be dedicated to it. Strap in, 'cause it's gonna be a long one.

Syntax6's Monk Class

RpASW1j - Bottom Cards of the Week 8/29/20

Syntax6's Monk Class Gallery

Zen Meditate

Well, we’re off to a great start. Initially, this hero power is very powerful, as you can return minions with strong battlecries or large stats back to your hand. This is where the praise for this ends. Outside of those two scenarios, Zen Meditate is useless, more so than any other basic hero power in the game. The only way for this to truly shine is to make a deck with lots of battlecries. Even then, why not just play Uldum Quest Shaman instead?

Aspiring Trainee

The first card to use the custom keyword, Rebound. In case you didn’t see the original post, or it’s now deleted, Rebound is a keyword that triggers when you return a minion with the keyword to your hand. And it’s absolutely horrendous. While very low-costed at one mana, its poor stats means it solely relies on having the Rebound triggered in order for it to be good. And with those stats, good luck having this stick for a single turn. Unless you’re that desperate for draw, just use Novice Engineer. Hell, even Runic Egg is theoretically better than this, cause at least you have deathrattle synergies and the fact that you actually WANT it to die. Really hope this won’t be a trend for these Rebound cards. (Foreshadowing?)

Huojin Trainee

Welp, spoke too soon. Again, poor stats and this time the Rebound effect is terrible. Beaming Sidekick, hell even Kul Turan Chaplin are better cards than this.

Tushui Trainee

Cleave but with a body now.

Lili Stormstout

Don’t mind me, just your casual 3 mana 4/7 that also heals. Also, why doesn’t the cloud serpent have a dragon tribe? It’s clearly a dragon.

Amberleaf Troublemaker

Once again, way too slow in order for it to be effective. At least this one has okay-ish stats this time.

Temple Defender

This one’s okay, I guess. Two attack isn’t exactly good on a taunt minion, but there have been worse (looking at you, Silverback Patriarch). Plus, the “enrage” effect kinda mitigates it.

Priest of the Dawn

Same song and dance. Poor stats with an effect that’s too slow to be meaningful.

Run-away Yak

The biggest sin for this is that this card is Epic. At least it slightly buffs Barren Stablehand.

Aysa Cloudsinger


Really feels like I’m repeating myself, but really, what else is there to say about these Rebound cards. If they ever become a thing and this is how it's introduced, then it would tie with Inspire as worst poorly implemented keyword in Hearthstone.

Guardian of the Elders

Looks like we’re gonna transition from very understated to overstated. Not only is this thing bigger than any other nine drop except for one, but you can make it even bigger. But being big means it screams "target me with removal" wich 99% of the time is gonna happen. Probably by a Priest. Mainly a Priest.


Depending on the minion, Stealth will be largely meaningless. However, without it, it's just a worst Shadowstep.

Tiger Palm

Soulfire but one less damage and even more random. Simply put, it's much easier to control what’s in your hand than in your deck. You could discard a card that you don’t plan on using, or you could end up removing your win condition.

Ironskin Brew

Here we have another pretty okay card. The armor gain is almost minuscule in some matches, but giving a minion taunt can be interesting. Say, there’s an enemy minion that you need to kill, but another minion with taunt is blocking the way. Play brew on that minion, and bam, you have an easy kill. But then again, why not just use a removal spell instead? You know what, I take back what I said about this card being good.

Spear Hand Strike

First card with synergy with Rebound, and much like the keyword it’s too slow. Not only do you have to have a Rebound minion in play, but you also have to pray that it stays alive for a turn in order to trigger its other effect. While very powerful when the effect is triggered, by itself its possibly the worst Silence card ever.

Mystic Touch

I was originally gonna write this down as “doesn’t work at all thanks to game mechanics,” but after reading the Rebound effect closer, I can say that this ranks from “4 Mana Choose a minion,” to “extremely niche.”

Zen Meditation

Ey, its Divine Hymn, but with double the cost and half the healing.

Master’s Call

5 mana 7/7 split amongst multiple bodies. While the small buff provides them with a little bit extra survivability, it ain’t much.

Fists of Fury

More Rebound synergies. This time the reward for keeping an understated minion on the field is the combined effects as Starfall, and for the same cost.

Storm, Earth, and Fire

Nothing like a one-sided Twisting Nether that also buffs your side of the board, amirit? Also, flavor fail. What do the elements have anything to do with Monk? Isn't that Shaman's thing? That class does still exists, y'know.

Gods of Pandaria

The Ox is literally the only good option, and maybe the Tiger but barely. Also, none of these have any tribes. “Bruh, they’re gods, that’s why.” No excuse, because the Loas from Rumble are gods and they have tribes.

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