Bottom Cards of the Week 8/8/20

hearthstone 5 - Bottom Cards of the Week 8/8/20

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edit - Bottom Cards of the Week 8/8/20

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The concept of putting minigames into cards sounds very complicated by itself, but this takes an example on how not to do so. Hear me out, you have to pick five relatively big minions, then your opponent does the same, they fight, you pray that your minions win. All of this sounds like a gamble, and your reward is one card draw. Effectively, a Big Ol’ Whelp but with extra steps.

Myra Rotspring, Mad Chemist

This is one of the pure definitions of contradiction. It costs 1 mana, and it gives you a huge card advantage, but you can’t play it in the early game or else it’ll kill you. So, just wait until the late game right? Nope, drawing cards in the late game is never a good idea unless you're really desperate. Even then, this requires you to take fatigue, which will eventually end up killing you as well. Basically, you can’t play this anywhere. The only reason to play this is with Ellysianna, but that card hasn’t seen predominant play since Saviors of Uldum, and I doubt one card will make it rise again. If this ever becomes a real thing, it’s an automatic disenchant for me.

Alundra, Sin'Dorei Timewalker


A very high requirement for what is essentially a very poor reward. Let’s start with the deck idea itself: Pure Highlander. Pure and Highlander are rather tricky to build by themselves, trying to combine both seems like a recipe for disaster. In fact, the highlander requirement might as well be removed, because there’s no reason to make it into one if you don’t have Zephyr, Dragonqueen or Reno. Even if you manage to meet the requirements, the reward isn’t worth it. The only Paladin legendary from the past worth getting is Sunkeeper Tarim and Earic the Pure, and that's only in very niche circumstances.

Let this card be a lesson for your deck-builders: just because you can, doesn't mean that you should.

Totemic Blessings

Nope. Totem Shaman’s annyong enough to deal with already, it doesn’t need a four mana Everyfin. OP thinks this is fine for “it’s hard to have totems then murlocs.” Yeah, Even Shaman says otherwise.

Headmaster's Thwacker

Hey, remember when token decks tend to fall behind in the late game? Well, this card desires to rebuke this weakness. Totem Shaman, Lackeys, Demon Hunter, Quest Hunter, Treant Druid, these are just the decks I can think of that can straight up abuse this card. This might as well say ‘Battlecry: If you’re playing a token deck and the enemy doesn’t control a taunt minion, destroy the enemy hero.’

Dishonorable Mentions

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Pilfer (Rebalanced)-DIS

Ah, yes, give Rogue more cheap ways to activate their combo cards. That certainly will go well, right?

Blood Elf-DIS

Neutral Combo but with extra steps. I’ll stick to Battlecries, thank you.

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