Bottom Cards of the Week 9/12/20

hearthstone 3 - Bottom Cards of the Week 9/12/20

Last Week: 9/5/20

Next Week: TBA

edit - Bottom Cards of the Week 9/12/20

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Reworked Jade Ido

A card from last week that I manage to miss somehow. There are so many things wrong with this, down to even how it looks. I mean, look at that mana gem and choice of font for the name. Onto the card itself, it almost be a complete nerf if it weren’t for the last line of text. Jade Druid’s weakness is topdecking an Idol when they really don’t want to. As this shuffles fewer copies, the chance of a bad top deck is lowered. In fact, topdecking this card is essential now. Worst of all, since this is now 2 mana, it’s completely immune to Skulking Geist, meaning there’s absolutely no way to win a fatigue game against it.

Mana Spring Totem

This is either really good, or really bad. In a Totem-based deck, this might as well cost 0 mana. By itself, however, it’s barely better than Arena Treasure Chest, a card that sees almost no play (not even in Arena, ironically).

Noz Timbertail

Another week, another board clear for Rogue. What is it with
r/Customhearthstone and their need to give Rogue board clears?

Regardless, this is underwhelming. If Blade Flurry doesn’t see any serious play,then why would people use a version of it that cost twice as much? Ironically, this most likely won’t see play in Quest Rogue, or any Rogue deck in that matter.

Acolyte of Brains

Whenever this takes damage, burn 2 minions from your deck.


Get it, guys? It’s Acolyte of Pain, but worst. The best case scenario for this is if you already have your win condition/combo pieces in your hand already. “But, Red, that would make this card useless.” Exactly, which is much better than losing your combo pieces from this thing.

Mysterious Circumstances

Okay, so Assassinate is pretty bad. So how do we make it worse? Well, let’s “improve” it’s hard removal effect and also make it much more expensive. At best, this denies any deathrattle or rez effects, but that’s what Sap is for.


08huvWe - Bottom Cards of the Week 9/12/20

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Eternal Fire

An effect that sounds powerful in theory, but in essence is way too slow. It could be used to deter any aggressive/small minion based decks, but if you’re still at a board disadvantage against them by turn five, you’ve already lost. Damage itself is worthless against any reasonably sized minion. One true way to make this effective if you have the Turtle Guy and you have him cast it multiple times, but then you’re just plain evil.

Dishonorable Mentions

qwHl3BG - Bottom Cards of the Week 9/12/20

Dishonorable Mentions Images

Darkshire Druid

Honestly, it would be best to just make it a Warlock card. I don’t see how discard matches Druid’s class identity. And before you say Astral Communion, that’s not a Druid card. It's a Yogg specific effect.

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