Bottom Cards of the Week 9/19/20

hearthstone 8 - Bottom Cards of the Week 9/19/20

Last Week: 9/12/20

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edit - Bottom Cards of the Week 9/19/20

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Bottom Five


Ethereal Step

You could just Shadowstep the minion. Or even use Cheat Death instead. No? Okay, then.


Man, Flame Leviathan sure is bad, but it’s not too unplayable. How do we fix it? Oh, I know, let’s make it a 10 mana 5/5 that deals 5 damage instead of two. And instead of the effect being triggered when its drawn, how about when its summoned by any sources. Oh, yeah, and let’s remove the mech tag, too. Can’t have any of those pesky magnetic minions in it.

Syrhpez the Charlatan

I sense some inspiration from that one LT. Eddy clip with Zephrys (you know the one). While the idea that a card that tricks your opponent into conceding does sound funny, it quickly loses the impact against any smart player that doesn’t concede on a whim. “But, Red, even if it doesn;t truck the player, it's a 2 mana 4/3. That’s a Fellstalker with no downside.” Yeah, split into two bodies, one of which is a 1/1 that can easily die to anything. If you can’t deal with that, then you’ve got some bigger problems to deal with.


WAAAH! I lost to Kingsbane because I don’t have Sticky Fingers! Me make hate card on custom hearthstone and post. WAAAH!

Mage's Familiar

A permanent source of two damage that the opponent most likely can’t deal with? In what world is that a good idea?


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Yeah, no. Everyone’s thinking the same thing, and so am I. The Priest and Paladin death knights are the sole reason why this should never be printed. If it ever were, then Raza has to get renerfed (not sure what to do about Uther, though). Also, Apotheosis is already a name of a card. You couldn’t even bother coming up with an interesting name?


Aw, sweet, now Mage and Shaman have a charge minion now. Gotta keep up with those Demon Hunters somehow. Wait, what do you mean it has more text? Twinspell? Minions can’t have Twinspell. It can also gain Spell Damage? Spell Damage Shaman sucks and Mage only uses it for OTKs.

Ghost Librarian

Drawing two cards by itself is already powerful enough for a low price, but being able to potentially draw more is what puts this on the list. Do like the artwork, though.

Midas the Rich

Oh, look. More deck thinners. Except not really. Sure, it “thins your deck,” but only if you’re going second. Even then, the effect is completely negated with the fact that it adds another card to your deck, which you’re forced to draw. Is the added card good? No, it's a demonic War Golem that destroys what’ll most likely be your only turn two play beside Hero Powering.

Dishonorable Mentions

Dishonorable Mentions Images

Arcane Armor

A very weak card by itself, needs support to come unpar with Iron Hide, and is an epic for some reason. So, why is it in the dishonorable mentions? Simple: Dr. Boom’s Scheme exists.

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