Bottom Cards of the Week 9/5/20

hearthstone 7 - Bottom Cards of the Week 9/5/20

Last Week: 8/29/20

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Ancient Hammer

Of all the classes you can give this to, you have to pick the two infamous for gaining lots of armor. But honestly, what other class can you put this in? Yeah, neutral armor gains exist but they all suck.

Tyrathan Khort

Sounds good in theory, but in practice, this requires too much set up for a mediocre reward. At least with Blood Herald you can keep it in your hand. With this, you not only have to have it on the board but also need minions on both sides to trade with to trigger its effect. And three damage to minions is chip damage unless you’re facing an aggro deck by turn five and hasn’t died yet for some reason. The wonkiest part about this card is that it's a dual-class card in Demon Hunter and Hunter. Why? I get Hunter, but DH? Are you trying to push a control archetype for those classes? Yeah, cause that works just as well as Aggro Priest.

Controversial Demon

To quote Syndrom “Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. LAME!” Lame name, lame stats, lame effect. I mean the effect could be powerful if we ever enter in a Silence heavy meta, but like Control Metas, they don’t exist and will never happen despite the community telling otherwise. Even though you can buff it, are you really going to run slow buff cards just for one card? It didn’t work with Hi’reek, it won’t with this.

Watering Can

No WeApOnS fOr DrUiD cAuSe TwIg Of ThE wOrLd TrEe! Alright, got that outta the way.


To be honest, I think the final result is worse than the setup. Tell me what’s better, denying your opponent board space, or a Nether Portal wannabe that can be destroyed? There are other ways to generate Treanst with half the set-up.

Pick Pocket Dagger

Even in a world where Secret Passage and Voracious Reader didn’t exist, this card is way to slow, especially for one of the faster playing classes. At least with Sprint, you get the four cards immediately. With this, however, you not only have to trade with minions (and suffer face damage), and you can only do it once every turn. I know Secret Passage is gonna be nerfed soon, but Rogue won't be THAT desperate for draw.


Extras Gallery

Poison-Master Draven

Okay, okay, so what if we take Ace Hunter Kreen, Lotus Assassin, Akama Prime, and Professor Slate and mix them into one card?

“Akama Prime?” you say? “Why did you mention him?” To put it simply, Vanish is basically Perma-Stealth but with extra steps. With this card, in particular, it might as well have Perma-Stealth as it can simply keep attacking to retain its stealth.

Forbidden Legend

Both this and it’s relative, Forbidden Summoning, have the same issue of extreme inconsistency and variance. While this significantly shrinks the pool, the variance is still bad. You’re literally better off spending all your mana beforehand and use this to summon the 2/2.

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