Brawl of Chamions: Round One Tier List

hearthstone 2 - Brawl of Chamions: Round One Tier List

Note: this is coming from personal experience and it may not match anyone else. Also, this was not made to bait circlejerk upvotes or to rant, but rather some advice for anyone wanting to try out the brawl and explain its meta.

God Tier: Priest and Paladin (the two Holy Light classes, how hilarious).


Easily the strongest class in this brawl, and here's why.

In theory, having the ability to refresh your spells seems average. For starters, half of priest's spells are somewhat specific/niche, often requiring a friendly minion for it to work. So in theory, Priest seems like a weaker Paladin.

But consider this: Priest has cards that A. decreases spell cost (Radiant Elemental), Discover spells from your deck (Shadow Vision), silence enemy minions (which btw, silencing the shrine destroys it), and can summon another copy of your shrine. The last one is especially strong, as not only you'll have two shrines, but you'll opponent will have a very difficult time trying to destroy both of them at the same time, which is difficult considering Priest 's spells are catered to keeping minions alive, especially big ones. Sure, you're hand will be forever full and you'll keep burning cards from your deck, but having what's essentially infinite resources is extremely strong. Deathstalker Rexxar has nothing against two/three Priest shrines.

If you want to add salt to your opponent's wound, get a copy of their shrine and use it against them. Best ones are Shaman, Rogue and Paladin.


While not as strong as Priest, Paladin's main strength comes in the ability to quickly shut down the game before even turn 4. If you have Arcane Anomaly by turn one, along with Blessing of Might/Seal of Champions, you not only shut out your opponent's shrine, but also any minion that they can play.

Paladin's main weakness is that without the Shrine, buffing minions is a high risk, especially against classes that have access to hard removals or silences (such as Priest).

One final tidbit, may Bwonsamdi have mercy on you if a Priest manage to get a copy of your shrine. If it does, you're gonna have a horrible time.

Good-ish Tier: Mage, Shaman, Warlock


When first started playing this brawl, I concluded that Mage was gonna be the OP class of the brawl (again), but after playing with other classes, it's safe to say that opinion has changed (granted, I was pretty salty going in the brawl after a losing streak in Ranked, so that might've affected my performance and mood).

The 0-Cost and refreshable hero power makes Mage able to quickly destroy your opponent's shrine early on. Combined with cards such as Fireeater, Clockwork Automaton and Spirit of the Dragonhawk, your hero power becomes a 0 mana Flamestrike.

While this weakness comes with all of the heroes, Mage is especially weak without the Shrine. This is because most of Mage's minions rely on the use of your hero power, either by increasing its damage or through an Inspire effect. Without the shrine, you'll only be able to activate it once a turn, enough time for your opponent to kill them.



At first, decreases spell cost by two sounds great, however this is deterred due to Overload. Sure, you can draw two-to-four cards, summon a wall of toads, and cast bolts of lightning in one turn, but doing so locks you out of your next turn entirely. So, if your opponent can recover from your barrage of spells, then they've all been wasted.

If spells don't work, then there's always the Murloc Strategy. For most players, you'll be tempted to mulligan any murlocs in favor of spells. This is a bad thing, as Murlocs are only good in the very early game. Even then, they require other murlocs to be truly effective. It's not really good for you to draw a murloc around turn 10 or twelve.


Warlock acts similarly to Shaman, but the benefit of not being effected by Overload. In theory, you can cast all of the spells in one turn. What's the catch: your life. Each time you cast a spell, your take damage equal to its cost. This might be a good thing if shaman had minions or spells that synergies with this. Unfortunately, that isn't the case, and the best fall-back if you run out of spells (or life) are Demons.

Okay: Rogue, Druid


Rogue has the potential to be good, as the shrine gives your minions permanent steal as long as its active. However, the very low health of the shrine makes it very easy for it to be destroyed, especially against mage or Paladin. Now, this might be intentional, as its death gives your minions attack. Problem is most of the time, you won't even have any minions to benefit from it. Also, stealth isn't always a good thing, as it negates taunt, making your opponent have a mentality of a Face Hunter.


Like with Rogue, Druid has the potential to be strong, almost to the level of Paladin in some cases. So, what's holding it back? The druid deck you get is the ever memeful Attack Druid. To put it simply, it is very clunky. In some cases, you can combo with Bite, or Savage Striker, giving your hero a lot of Attack, therefore giving your shrine that much attack as well. But in reality, you'll only be getting at least 1 attack per turn, which is laughable.

Garbage Tier: Warrior and Hunter


Warrior's shrine is way to specific and niche, only being able to be put into good use with rush minions. Problem is, you don't have a lot of rush minions, therefore they won't benefit from the ability to attack again. Speaking of which, in order for the minion too attack again, it has to overkill a minion, making it even harder if your facing against a class who has A. high health minions B. a high health shrine, or C. both.


Easily the worst hero in the brawl.

For starters, the shrine's effect only works when you summon a beast. This would be fine, except that most of your minions aren't beast, therefore they can't get the effect. Even when you summon a beast, the effect that it gets is completely random. In some games, your Rush beast gets poisonous and destroys the shrine turn one. Other games, it gets rush.

Due to the very specific requirement and the randomness of the effect, Hunter is the worst class in this brawl. Well, at least r/fuckhunter has something to celebrate about.

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