Budget Decks in different Versions #1

hearthstone 2 - Budget Decks in different Versions #1

Budget Decks in different Versions #1

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report budget decks in different versions 1 - Budget Decks in different Versions #1

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Everyone of us will face the problem at least one time. You saw a cool Deck from a Streamer or somewhere else but… you just don’t have the dust for the Deck or you are just very new to this game.

With the start of “Rise of Shadows” the “Year of the Dragon” began and the three oldest expansions rotated so it’s a good time to start with hearthstone.

Since everyones budget of everyone is differently and maybe you want to upgrade your decklist over time, there are up to 4 versions of every deck:

Normal – This is the list the budget versions are based on. Every one of these list reached high Legend (Legend is the highest rank in hearthstone. Legend #5 means you are the 5th best player on this server right now) played by pro players. With this version you will have the highest winrate. The 4 lists I present you cost about 6-7k dust each.

No Legy – This lists doesn’t run any legendarys and cost 3.000 – 3.500 dust.

No Epic – This lists has rare and common cards only and should be buildable for almost everyone. They cost around 1.500 dust

No Rares – These lists run common cards only. They cost around 1.000 dust

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Token Druid

The first deck I wanna start with is Token Druid.

With the new Expansion the Deck got new Cards like Keeper Stalladris, Blessing of the Ancients and Archmage Vargoth. It’s a deck we saw played in the past. To see different version of Token Druid reached high Legend visit this link: Category – Token Druid

Our normal version was played by MrTomek1HS at #6 Legend. You can see the deck here (with Deck Code and Source) : Token Druid #6 Legend – MrTomek1HS

Token Druid: 4 Versions

All versions of this deck have the same idea: Get a bunch of minions on board. With Soul of the Forest you can protect them so they stay alive and with Savage Roar, Power of the Wild or Blessing of the Ancients we can deal a lot of damage in one turn to the enemy hero.

In the epic version we just made the list faster by playing 1* Mecharoo instead of Keeper Stalladris. Our list loses some value so we need to play this list faster than the orignal version.

The rare Version is a little bit slower in total. We dont have Wispering Woods and Crystalsong Portal anymore, so it’s harder to get on board. We play Nourish to draw cards and Tending Tauren as a new big drop. We can slam the board with it. Also we included Bloosail Corsair as a tech vs weapons.

The common only version is kinda different. We need to play very fast since we have a lot of cheap minions. Our only Draw in this deck is Wrath and Gnomish Inventor. We want to get a board fast, so we can buff with Soul of the Forest. For that reason we also play Microtech Controller since it profits from the decks concept.

Mech (Bomb) Hunter

Our next deck is Mech Hunter. The idea of this deck is based on the concept “Goblin Bomb”. This is a minion with 2 health and 0 attack that deals 2 damage to the enemy hero when it dies.

Since the card is a “Mech” we can use the mechanic “Magnetic” (Magnetic is an ability exclusive to certain Mech minions which allows multiple minions to be merged together. Playing a Magnetic minion to the left of an existing Mech will automatically cause the two minions’ stats and card texts to be combined into a single minion).


The budget version is based around was played by UbererHS. You can find his deck and more infos here:
mech bomb hunter 2 legend ubererhs - Budget Decks in different Versions #1

Mech Bomb Hunter #2 Legend – UbererHS or other Mech Hunters here: Category – Mech Hunter

Mech (Bomb) Hunter: 2 Versions

Our Budget Version misses the three Legendarys Boommaster Flark, Zilliax and Leeroy Jenkins. Boommaster Flark generates 4 booms, so it’s very sad for our budget version not to run it. Zilliax could help us to win the game since we heal a lot with it.

The Budget Version runs Tracking and Bronze Gatekeeper instead. This version is a lot faster since we don’t have a good for a comeback. We want to end the game as fast as possible. Tracking is a good card in the deck – we don’t care about fatique, since we would lose in that case anyway. Get early your bomb value and try to rush your opponentdown!

We have no way to cut the rares from the deck, so a full budget version is not possible for this deck.

Murloc Shaman

In this Deck we run a lot of Murlocs. With Cards like Grimscale Oracle, Murloc Tidecaller, Underbelly Angler and Murloc Warleader they profit from each other.

You can see Murloc Shaman lists played high Legend Here :
murloc shaman - Budget Decks in different Versions #1

Category – Murloc Shaman

Our Original Deck this time is by roneenori: Murloc Shaman #15 Legend – roneenori

Murloc Shaman: 2 Versions

Scargil that is new in this Expansion, which reduce the costs of our Murlocs to 1 mana. To replace we play 2* Lightning Bolt in the deck instead. The card was tested in other Murloc Shamans before and is a great tool to either get needed damage cheap or to protect your board so you can do easier powerturns with Bloodlust. I think it won’t actually hurt that much to play the budget version.

Cutting Murloc Warleader is not really possible, because of that I didn’t make an other budget version. The card is just to important.

Zoo Warlock

If you every saw some stats you will see that Zoo Warlock is one of the strongest decks to play right now. Over all ranks there are version with over 65% winrate. EVIL Genius is a new card help,that help this deck a lot, with Margic Carpet we have easy ways to protect our board.

The original deck this time is by omerb90, you can find it here:
zoo warlock 6 legend omerb90 - Budget Decks in different Versions #1

Zoo Warlock #6 Legend – omerb90 or other Zoo Decks here: Category – Zoo Warlock

Zoo Warlock: 4 Versions

In our first budget version we lose Leeroy and Soularium, instead we play 1* Abusive Sergeant and 1* Microtech Controller. Both fit well in a Zoo Deck and were played in other Zoo Decks played high Legend.

In our none Epic Deck we lose Magic Carpet, which is a very important card and also Sea Giant. I decided to put in Waterboy. Since this version is very fast we want to tap often, so i think this card is decent. As a synergy with our hero power I also put in Duskbat.

In our Common only Deck i used Explodinator as a second tool for our buffs. The other decks only run only Scarab Egg which really profited. Trading and dealing 2 damage to the enemy face feels great. We use a second Abusive Sergeant and Dark Iron Dwarf so we have enough chances to buff them.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I would love to hear your feedback!

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