Burn Shaman Top 300 Legend

hearthstone 4 - Burn Shaman Top 300 Legend

If you've played murloc shaman, you know that it's the definition of a snowball deck. Curve out and flood the board, and pray to god you don't lose it. I didn't like this gameplan. With rogue ability to fight for board and warriors ability to clear it, it seemed like murloc shaman wasn't good in the meta. After the nerfs, the deck started to be more viable. However, the lack of comeback mechanics made the deck feel polarizing and weak.

### Where's my mana?

# Class: Shaman

# Format: Standard

# Year of the Dragon


# 2x (0) Zap!

# 1x (1) Earth Shock

# 2x (1) Lightning Bolt

# 2x (1) Sludge Slurper

# 2x (1) Totemic Smash

# 2x (1) Voltaic Burst

# 2x (2) Earthen Might

# 2x (2) Likkim

# 2x (2) Rockbiter Weapon

# 2x (2) Spellzerker

# 1x (3) Electra Stormsurge

# 2x (3) Feral Spirit

# 2x (3) Lava Burst

# 2x (3) Spirit of the Frog

# 2x (4) Thunderhead

# 2x (5) Doomhammer




# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone


  • Zap!
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Sludge Slurper
  • Voltaic Burst
  • Earthen Might
  • Likkim
  • Rockbiter Weapon
  • Electra Stormsurge
  • Feral Spirit
  • Spirit of the Frog
  • Thunderhead
  • Doomhammer

These cards are core. I don't know how I would replace them if they were taken out. You maybe can make the argument for only 1 Feral Spirit or something, but it would affect the frog and the overload synergy, along with making you much worse against aggro. This leaves 5 slots to mess around with. These are the cards I've experimented with.


  • Totemic Smash (Spellzerker synergy)
  • Menacing Nimbus
  • Spellzerker
  • Unbound Elemental

These cards are primarily what I'm experimenting with to fill out the slots in between the core. The first itteration of the deck used Menacing Nimbus and Unbound Elemental, but I switched it out for Spellzerker and Totemic Smash instead. Spellzerker can turn your Lightning into Lave Bursts and your Zap! into a Vendetta. I've been messing around with Unbound Elemental again as a way to beat warrior, and it has promising results.


  • Beakered Lightning
  • Earth Shock
  • Mana Wraith

Probably the weirdest inclusion on the list, Beakered Lightning is actually a good card in this deck. It can activate your Spellzerkers, deal with a bunch of tokens, or work as overload activation/card draw. Earth Shock allows you to break through a taunt, deny card draw (Acolyte of Pain), punish magnetic cards, and stop deathrattles. It's pretty solid all around. Finally, Mana Wraith. I barely have started testing this card. I thought it might be a good way to delay mage for a turn or 2, or maybe delay my opponent and not affect me since my turn 3 can be Feral Spirits, but I literally thought about this last night with u/agarionoobz, who I'm going to shout out for helping me refine and test this deck. He has a really cool treant druid right here that hit top 150.


This is one of the hardest parts of the game, and I don't think it's possible for me to give you a flowchart that can tell you what cards to click. I'll tell you right now to never keep Lava Bursts, Rockbiter Weapons, and Electra, but everything else may be kept if it fits the circumstances. So instead of a chart, I'm going to explain all of your early game combos and good cards.


Sludge Slurper: Probably the best 1 drop in your deck. However, it can be pretty bad if you're on the coin. It dies to rogue and mage, and it can be killed about 40% of the time by hunter. Going first, it's about the best thing you can do on turn 1. However, sometimes not doing anything turn 1 is better.

Voltaic Burst: sometimes, this can be better than sludge slurper, primarily against aggro. It's flexibility as a turn 1 2/2 or a variation on Holy Smite, along side the synergy with Earthen Might makes this card flexible as removal or stats. It's can be a keep in each matchup, but not for the same reasons.

Likkim: Did somebody say Fiery War Axe? This card is BONKERS in this deck. It deals 9 damage in control matches and kills almost any minion in aggro mirrors. This card is usally a keep, but sometimes you pitch it if your other cards are absolute garbage.

Spellzerker: It might seem weak, but a River Crocolist with an upside alongside confusing your opponent is pretty good turn 2. It's also a great target for Earthen Might. Coin this into Earthen might is surprisingly powerful.

Thunderhead: This card is good. It's just insane against anything that isn't warrior (Militia Commander, Dynomatic). I have literally no idea why it's getting buffed. I once played Lava Burst on a 3/2 on turn 5 in order to keep this alive, and it won me the game. Once it gets buffed, even the warriors won't have a good way to deal with this.

Now onto the even more situational keeps.

Zap!: On it's own, it's a pretty weak card. You probably won't be playing this until turn 3 or 4, but alongside Spirit of the Frog and Thunderhead, it's incredibly strong.

Totemic Smash: If you want to keep this as an answer to a 1 drop, you can. It's pretty good at that. It's weak in control matchups though.

Earthen Might: This is a keep against any control deck. It makes your minions so much more of a threat and makes it harder to kill. Don't get caught up on putting it on an elemental, because the elemental isn't usually worth it. Play it where it has the most effect on the board.

Feral Spirit: One of your best curves is Likkim into this. It's good against both control and aggro, but don't keep it if you don't have anything else to do the first 2 turns.

Spirit of the Frog: Spirit of the Frog is better than Divine Favor. You can empty your hand, dealing damage to their face or to their board, and tutor out your Lava Bursts or Rockbiter Weapons to close the game.

Doomhammer: You should keep this about .5% of the time. Like, if you KNOW your opponent is control and you KNOW that they don't have weapon removal and the other cards in the mulligan are actually the NUTS. Usually, get rid of this.


This deck is my no means finished. I'm still experimenting and testing to make it better. Right now, my build runs Unbound Elementals instead of Totemic Smashes because I'm playing a lot of warrior, but it's up to you if you run that or not. The list above is the tried and true list, but feel free to change whatever you want. I'm not a pro deckbuilder or anything, and appreciate any critiques or suggestions for the deck.

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