Can we take a moment to appreciate Mojomaster Zihi?

hearthstone 5 - Can we take a moment to appreciate Mojomaster Zihi?

What was generally thought to be a meme card is proving to be an absolute game-saving minion. He's singlehandedly helped me win heavily polarised games versus so many OTK/Combo decks which I would have lost without a chance in the previous meta. Turns out that simply delaying the combo reliably is way more valuable than hit or miss combo breakers like Demonic Project, or trying to burn cards by forcing overdraw.

Druid dumping their hand in a degenerate manner – or maybe a Maly druid about to kill you? Mojomaster. Hunter suspiciously holding a card all game while going ham on spellstones and suchlike? Evenlock going 2x Hooked Reaver on Turn 9? Mojomaster for the save. Stops Sprints and Valeera going off for rogue, Stops Shudderwock, Gimps Rexxar/Hagatha when they are in top deck mode. Single handedly stops Mechathun and Uther OTK. I am amazed.


It also creates a tempo-swing by allowing you take a full 10 mana turn and reducing the opponent to 6 for the next turn, which makes answers all that hard – in that it can be a Loatheb, stops games from slipping away when you are close to lethal but low on cards and the opponent is flush.

Plus, it's a thinking man's card. When you choose to play it requires you to exercise judgement. Great job Blizzard!

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