Can we talk more about early game mana cheating?

hearthstone 10 - Can we talk more about early game mana cheating?

A lot of the problems the game has faced in the last couple metas come strongly from early game mana cheating, both in standard and wild, though the latter it is more expected with the power curves. This would not be as noticeable except over the years every early solution with the exception of Shadow:Word Death and Sap have been nerfed or Hall of Famed. It is why things like early giants from even lock or large edwins are still potentially game ending extremely early on.

In wild things like Naga + Giants or AK47 druid were huge issues playing 40+ mana of cards in a turn building huge boards or just OTK's and both of these were nerfed. It's also hard to forget the presence of Big Priest which through Barnes and resurrect mechanics was able to put out giant boards very early in the game and later resurrect them as well. Now there is the issue of Snip-Snap lock plaguing the ladder which is just barely held back due to the hyper aggression of secret mage which has powerful tools to draw and cheat out secrets. Again, the power level in wild is understandably higher, but balance changes have been made in the past to adjust the power of these mana cheating decks proving that even in wild there is a limit to mana cheating.

Standard has had its fair share of issues, most recently nerfed was that of the conjurer's calling mage which would enable massive boards of giants as early as turn 5 without external help from the opponent. Hand sizes were built up, and still are thanks to the combination of of one mana spells that generate other spells like Ray of Frost and Magic trick, the mana reduction of Sorcerer's Apprentice, and Mana Cyclone often combined with Elemental Evocation with a lucky draw to not only swing a board state, but generate new spells and maintain or even increase hand size early in the game. While the current tempo mage decks are not dominating the latter, it still generates a frustrating deck with all of this used in combination with flamewaker.


The larger issue in standard that everyone is aware of is the dominance of shaman. Currently they have three viable decks, which would lead to high play rate, but all the decks are also quite successful on the ladder. The card featured in all of these which is the primary contributor to the mana cheating is Mogu Fleshshaper. It is currently featured in every single shaman deck, and typically used in combination with evolve or mutate to not only swing the board using a 3/4 with rush, but also create a random 8 drop, and this can sometimes happen very early in games around turn three or four. Having the precedent in the past of Blizzard adjusting some of these giant mana cheating cards, I really believe Mogu Fleshshaper is in need of adjustment. Currently the pool for 8 drops has one extremely low roll, and one other subpar roll. I can't say the best ways to adjust it, either by actually lowering its mana cost to force it into the seven drop pool when evolved instead of the eight, and/or only discounting the cost of it based on the shaman's or the enemy's minions on board instead of both.

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