Cheapest possible deck to consistently Gonk the Lich King

hearthstone 4 - Cheapest possible deck to consistently Gonk the Lich King

(See TL;DR at the bottom if you just want the final deck list)

This post from last week inspired me to create my own version of a deck to consistently beat the Lich King with Gonk, and today I finally got around to building it. Here was my original version:


It includes Flobbidinous Floop, Floop's Glorious Gloop and a bunch of 1-drops just to thin the deck after the first turn. The idea is to draw cards and gain armor until T7 when you play Gonk, followed by Floop + Gloop + Bite. That's 9 mana, but there are at least three different ways to make up that 1 mana deficit on T8. I tried to pick 1-drops with useful deathrattles, but any cheap minions would do. This deck works almost every single time provided you don't have too many 1-drops after the mulligan.

Then I wanted to see if I could make a version without Floop. It turns out that Faceless Manipulator is a fine substitute with no other changes required:


The only caveat is that on the lethal turn you need to play Gloop + Pounce and then use Gonk's 4 damage to help you take out the first Trapped Soul. Then you'll have enough mana to play Innervate + Faceless + Bite to finish them off.

The dust cost for that deck was still 5340 and made me wonder if I could make a version that was really really cheap but still as consistent. This is the version I came up with next:


I swapped out all the non-basic 1-drops for basic minions and removed Floop's Glorious Gloop. To make this work without Gloop I replaced it and one of the Innervates with two Biology Projects. The idea is to play a Biology Project on the same turn that you play Gonk so you'll go into the lethal turn with at least 9 mana crystals.

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But with 3 epics and 3 rares I still thought I could do better. To make the deck as cheap as possible while still giving at least a 50% chance of success (following a decent mulligan), I decided to remove one Branching Paths, one Nourish and replaced the Bite with Gnash. Here is the final version:

### Lich Gonk - Cheapest # Class: Druid # Format: Standard # Year of the Raven # # 1x (0) Innervate # 2x (0) Pounce # 2x (1) Biology Project # 2x (1) Elven Archer # 2x (1) Goldshire Footman # 2x (1) Grimscale Oracle # 2x (1) Murloc Raider # 2x (1) Stonetusk Boar # 2x (1) Voodoo Doctor # 2x (2) Acidic Swamp Ooze # 2x (2) Bloodfen Raptor # 2x (3) Ferocious Howl # 1x (3) Gnash # 2x (3) Healing Touch # 1x (4) Branching Paths # 1x (5) Faceless Manipulator # 1x (6) Nourish # 1x (7) Gonk, the Raptor # AAECAZICBl/+AZME/M0CntICwYYDDIQBvwHYAYUD/gOIBYUGigeaB7/yAo/2AsaGAwA= # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone 

Total dust cost = 2780 (1180 assuming you have Gonk) and it uses only standard cards.

Strategy: Restart until you get to keep at least three cards following the mulligan and the Lich King's cheat card. You can play Innervate + Nourish on T5 to draw cards and then heal/gain armor or go for BP + Gonk if possible. Play a Biology Project on T6 or T7 along with Gonk, giving you 9 or 10 mana on the lethal turn. With 10 mana you can play Faceless + Gnash + Pounce + Hero Power, if you are missing the other Pounce and the other Biology Project. Otherwise you'll need one of the two. The rest should be self-explanatory.

This deck could benefit from a second Branching Paths, but it works pretty consistently as-is (about 50/50) with accurate play.

TL;DR: Cheapest deck I could come up with to consistently beat the Lich King using Gonk the Raptor is this:


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