Could The new adventure mark the beginning of multiclass decks in Hearthstone [Theory]

hearthstone 6 - Could The new adventure mark the beginning of multiclass decks in Hearthstone [Theory]


Disclaimer!! This is all just speculation, using the sparce information we have now to point towards an unlikely, but possible conclusion.

So if you haven't seen yet, we are getting a new Adventure mode this May, one meant to combine aspects of the original adventures with the newer PvE content for a new and entertaining experience. One of the rewards for beating all 5 wings of this is a golden legendary, Zayle, Shadow Cloak, which will act similarly to Whizbang with 5 new deck recipies.

But Wait

Why is there only 5 decklists if there are 9 classes? Why make another Whizbang when we already have one? Where are these new preset lists going to come from?

This is where I realized there was a possibility for something great. Multiclass Decks.

Now hear me out a bit, although it seems far fetched, it's not as insane as it seems, let's run down what we know:

  • There are 5 wings in the adventure mode containing this new legendary
  • Adventure Bosses tend to use cards from multiple classes
  • We could never get a card that just let us use multiple classes in construction due to the degenerate combos you could create, no matter how strict the restriction
  • If there was a way to prevent degenerate decks from being played, multiclass decks would be fun, interesting, and let underplayed cards see new light

So here's my prediction, one which if it turns out to be true, could spark a whole new way to play this game: The 5 decklists utilized by this new legendary will be balanced versions of the final boss decks from each wing of the adventure, adding multiclass decks to the game in a way that they can be handled.


Don't get it? Here's an example: You que into a game with the new legendary, and the game begins, with you're hero displayed as the final boss from let's say wing 3. The game begins and you look at your hand, Emeriss, Dragons Roar, and Cathedral Gargoyl. The entire deck is just dragons and dragon synergy cards made into a somewhat viable deck utilizing cards that see little to no play in their respective classes due to lack of support.

Basically, if Blizzard makes the decklists, blizzard can purposefully make the list less powerful than a normal deck utilizing cards from more than one class would be, creating 5 fun and only slightly suboptimal decks that give the player whole new archetypes to explore, promoting the opponent to buy the adventure too after seeing you with a all golden multiclass deck with an alternative hero. You could even have Zayle show up like a start of game effect to let the opponent know what card let you break the normal rules of Hearthstone as to not confuse newer players.

Now the odds of this actually happening are not high, but I think it is both a possibility and an amazing idea if this is the direction they chose to go with Zayle and I can't wait to find out what they do with him no matter what it ends up doing

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