Day 4 of protesting for better stats for the cost and my sweet, sweet internet points

hearthstone 6 - Day 4 of protesting for better stats for the cost and my sweet, sweet internet points


Cum one cum all to the long-anticipated DAY 4 of our protest for better stats for the cost! This is no longer my protest as I'm merely a karma-whore. This is YOUR protest, all +2000 of you who decided to give me free internet points promoting blizzard to do nothing but laugh at us because what the fuck, they still win loads of money based on comparisons to AAA games in the past. Sadly, it would be fairer to say "in the past" because nowadays there are no good stats for the cost in AAA games like Assasin's Creed Valhalla and Genshin Impact. But rather than losing steam, that only means that today I'll get even more karma from guillible souls like you.

If Blizzard, the top dog of digital card games, replies to our protests better stats for the cost, this will be a message to the gaming industry, spoken about by YouTubers and Twitch streamers and news outlets. If Blizzard is forced to transform all cards into 6 mana 6/7 minions after the community getting pissed at only 10-20% of thecards in a set having good stats for the cost, that's a message to other developers that we won't remain complacent to these practices. So let's get a PR response!

For our second segment, a short story from P2W china-suckers scum

A business executive in the Blizzard ivory tower office says to another executive while pointing hunched over at a monitor "do you see all these posts on Reddit? That's HK all over again lol." in a totally calm voice because everyone will forgot in like three days.

"What do we do if this gets out of hand?"

There's a pause. Then both laughed.

The other executive turns away from the monitor towards him and smirks "I'm pretty sure this suckers already crafted all top-tier decks we'll nerf in a few days xD. "

"But if they don't…"

They say the next line together.

"This is the end of my unnerfed cards collection."

The original protest


Is Hearthstone really a AAA game? Does it have big tiddies, 4 mana 7/7s, a constant slew of new f2p btw cards, and a healthy community over the years? No, it's a grindy game whose expansions cost the price of multiple AAA games every four seven seven months. That's absurd. It only gets away with it because it almost has a monopoly. Because people doesn't play Gwent. Mandatory reminder to play Gwent f2p btw.

I'd like to propose that there should be one and only boycot demand which is that a person should be able to aquire a 7/7 by paying the price of less than 4 mana. This is without any combo, straight-up just overloading from a special pre-order purchase. The endgame and rare-pulls grind would be for p2w, which have so far been exclusively for whales as virtually everybody dusts goldens.

I don't believe the old progression needed changes since free-to-play players shouldn't be asking for more than war golem anyways.

Hearthstone comparatively to other games in what it offers versus its pricing is, bluntly-put, a bad joke.

How can you help?

Please upvote this to get it to the top of hot and get me more karma. How would Blizzard look if the top post on their subreddit is their community giving me upvotes? Such bad press will end on Reddit because who gives a shit honestly.

Your comments and posts expressing your discontent with the predatory business practices in Hearthstone over the years also will get you more karma. They drown out genuinely good posts made by people who puts effort and love in what they make in the middle of this shitshow.

So, let's rise in revolt, karma givers! I encourage any and all of you to make your own karma-whoring post too, until we get infinite karma. F2P btw, free HK, oger, etc, etc, upvotes to the left.

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