DQ’d from ESL’s Go4 Series to a Known Cheater (Zygfryd), Who gets Rewarded for Cheating

hearthstone 1 - DQ'd from ESL's Go4 Series to a Known Cheater (Zygfryd), Who gets Rewarded for Cheating

I thought I'd go ahead and post this story so people are made aware of the pitfalls of playing on ESL's tournament series. I dont particularly know where to start so ill give some background on myself for context:

I'm MetallicMike on battlenet, I live in Poland but not a native, I can however can speak the language enough to get on with the local community here and most are without a doubt good lads, fair and friendly across most tournament circuits I have participated in. I dont play ALOT of tournaments due to family and work but whenever i get the chance to do so, i throw my hat in the ring and generally enjoy it with the expectation of losing quickly and carrying on with my day (doing well is usually a bonus, winning the whole thing has only happened once, a nice surprise).

On weekends in europe you are usually limited to Zotac on Battlefy and ESLs Go4Hearthstone series. The later is a series I have had problems with in the past, their support is often slow, incoherent or non-existant. That said there is a good pool of competition and they still run conquest (i dont like specialist). So, unlike Battlefy which is able to track your games and has a good support system, it is easy to trick the system on ESL due to the lack of support responses and some people exploit this (money is usually on the line of course, while it might be fun for me cause i have income, this is serious to others). I could write a piece on all the ways people exploit both the rules and peoples good intentions on this website but that is a long story in itself.

This brings me to earlier today, i have my first match against a player called Zygfryd, also a Polish guy. Some of you who regular on tournaments might also recognise the tag as apparently hes been doing the usual circuits for some time.

I am at the in laws this weekend and am playing on my phone. This is relevant for later.

So it's a rule that after the inital challenge invite we screenshot or share decks to make sure no one can side deck counterpick. If you have multiple decks of the same class, you are breaking the rules and lose a game, fair play. Some people are nice and trusting, they usually skip this part and just play. I know cause I used to, until I encountered people exploiting this, so now i just take the extra time to be careful.

Here is the initial chat log:
Z4Bwu6e - DQ'd from ESL's Go4 Series to a Known Cheater (Zygfryd), Who gets Rewarded for Cheating

He actually cancels the challenge when asked for a screenshot (robie screena = i am taking a sceenshot) and goes to browsing collection right after to which i just respond with a long lol. It isnt much in the way of proof but it is all I have to go off of that is left now. Right off the bat he tries to cheat but i let him off cause i just want to play and since im on my phone reporting cheating is abit of a hassle. Also note the start of the convo i say I am playing on my phone (big mistake on my behalf), telephone is a similar word in polish so it's quite an obvious translation but basically i ask him to send the deckselect link which is the website we use to choose picks and bans because im on my phone.

We play, I win 2-0. Right after i notice he puts the results as 2-0 to him on the website. You see in ESL they rely on screenshots for proof of wins, I have never encountered people lying about results so never bothered with this especially seeing as i play with HS replays decktracker on my PC which records games automatically so I always have proof. I realise at this point I fucked up, i have no screenshots, and im on my phone so no auto replays saved. I concede to playing again after initially being abit pissed he is trying to cheat (again).

Chatlog of this part: http://imgur.com/gallery/pebrZ9w

I switch to English here because I knew that I was going to need proof for support or as a fallback plan, writing this post, because I had no faith in Support. He stays silent which i find weird knowing we will have to play again anyway.

The rules say in the lack of screenshots we have to play again, but ESL support without even asking him for proof give him the win automatically just because I did not respond to the results within about 12 minutes ( was too busy typing to him and looking where to go on the website to complain, i hadnt noticed there was already a thread where i had to apparently respond).


He didnt even have to say much to get the win, here was the protest made: http://imgur.com/gallery/aVk0evL

"my opponent dont play standard" was enough for them to give him the win? Again, i reported 2-0 to me, he reported it 2-0 to him. No proof on either side but he gets the win cause i was too busy trying to navigate the website on my phone (its not user friendly) and trying to setup another match with him. It can be argued ofc that it is my fault here too.

It gets better, a friend informs me this player is actually ban avoiding, and his original ESL account got banned for cheating.

His banned account: https://play.eslgaming.com/player/11059629

His new account (not banned): https://play.eslgaming.com/player/11773314/

Support eventually get back to me after begging in multiple tickets to look at the issue (the one he opened against me, the one i opened, and the one i had his next opponent open against him).

At this point i know im out and have no intention of playing because im no longer in the mood, i just want this cheater not to be rewarded for doing so as they tend to be guys, usually students, who play for the money and try to win by any means neccessary, including of course cheating. So i make this clear in my support ticket but get no response: http://imgur.com/gallery/DjSL0kS

As you can see they let him off because despite also going by the name Zygfryd and being from Poland, his battlenet number is different and his esl account is new….. I speculate he created another battlenet account on the latest standard rotation because lots of cards rotated out it was cheaper and a good time to start again on a new account.

He is allowed to play further, but doesn't bother showing up because i tell him the admins know about his banned account. He brags to me in Polish here: http://imgur.com/gallery/xfcQpq4

roughly translated he says "łatwo" (easy/too bad) and then basically says "thats what you get for playing on a phone".

You see even with screenshots its hard to prove youve won on phone, as i later found out.

Also I have no proof of this part, as his next opponent wanted to be left out here. But in his support ticket he created they gave him 30 minutes to show up since he left before awarding the win to the next guy. Funny, they only gave me 12 minutes to reply in my protest and i ended up replying at the same time as the admin and it was ignored.

This totalled about 2 hours, plenty of time to do something about it, i got 1 response from support and was ignored beyond that on the website and their discord where my messages are still up.

Thats about it, support are ignoring me as you saw from the ticket above and will continue to allow exploiting of their broken system. Again stuff like this happens frequently as many other of my friends have also told me.

I knew I was at fault, I just wanted to play again, but was denied even that. No one is held accountable and cheaters can continue abusing their system as always. Reddit was the last thing I wanted to try as my would be next opponent suggested it, I dont expect anything to come of this so at all else just take this as a cautionary tale, people go to extreme lengths to cheat out there and even if you play for the fun of competing, that doesnt mean your opponents wont try ruin that for you.

tldr: A cheater exploits Go4Hearthstones broken support system and is unpunished, this happens often and will likely continue.

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